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How to Make a Construction Site Safer

At construction jobsite, safety of workers is the top priority. Modern mobile solutions come to the rescue and help make construction sites safer and avoid accidents. Let’s consider how it works.

Stay connected and avoid risks

Knowledge is power, and timely information in construction allows preventing accidents. Modern safety construction apps help employees always stay informed anywhere and at any time. With constant convenient communication with all available mobile features like video, audio, photo, GPS, workers and managers will miss nothing. Also, just a push of a button in the app can instantly report a hazard and protect the whole construction team and the project.

Conduct inspections regularly

Construction workers rely on the equipment, machines and vehicles to work efficiently and safely, and the company should provide constant in-order and safe operation of all tools and equipment. Mobile construction apps allow conducting various timely inspections to maintain all work aspects, reduce the risks and contribute to a more productive workflow. They provide convenient mobile checklists, fast data collection, instant reporting and more. Read more about mobile inspection apps required by work at the jobsite here.

Maintain company’s stability by constant reporting

Safety directors and managers are entrusted with a huge responsibility. In addition to the general control of workplace safety, they must report about it to the highest authorities. Mobile safety construction apps allow them to get complete professional reports from all departments and personally from each employee on a daily basis. Clear and timely reporting is a guarantee of company stability and legal protection of both the company and its employees.

Why Snappii when it comes to construction apps

Today more and more builders and other construction professionals appeal to construction apps for various purposes. Today Snappii is a leading mobile business apps company with more construction apps than all construction software companies combined. We help modern construction companies save time and focus on the job instead of IT. After working in the industry for years, Snappii now believes they have a mobile solution to fit literally any problem.

Snappii offers powerful apps to ensure safe construction workflow and meet any requirements. You can find such ready-made apps as Construction Daily Log app, Punch In / Out Timesheet app, Construction Manager app, Construction Estimator and Bidding app, Heavy Equipment Inspection app and more. The main feature of all Snappii construction apps is their 100% customization. Any app can be modified specifically to your needs and contain a unique functionality. Moreover, we can add your usual work paper forms right into the app and convert them into the digital format. Steven Koski from Harold Brothers says: “Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literary takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it.” Construction industry is in demand for high-quality powerful apps and this demand will rise. We don’t stop and also develop and are ready to a new step.


Snappii Announces that Total Number of People Using Apps Built on Snappii Has Now Reached 1 Million

Snappii Announces that Total Number of People Using Apps Built on Snappii Has Now Reached 1 MillionSnappii Corporation, a market leader in Business Mobile app solutions today announces that it has over 68 thousand mobile business apps built on its mobile app development platform in different industries used by 1 million users worldwide. Continue reading “Snappii Announces that Total Number of People Using Apps Built on Snappii Has Now Reached 1 Million” »

Two Great Apps for Business Travelers

4abd3851d7550575280ef9a0cb541b95-300x200If you travel for business on a regular basis, you know that the organization of business trips might require a lot of time and efforts, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These days, you can obtain virtually any information to successfully and effortlessly arrange a trip, keep records, and submit reports at the click of a button on your mobile device. Special mobile apps designed for business travelers make trips more seamless, productive and less stressful.

2 most useful business travel apps

Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, offers its two apps which can significantly benefit any business trip. With My Traveling Logs app, you can digitally document your trip on your mobile device. It is a perfect companion to organize your travel and allows you to add all necessary travel data like dates, locations, meetings, photos, notes, receipts, etc., edit them during the trip, and access this information anytime and anywhere.

Travel and Expense Reporting app is a perfect tool for tracking and reporting such travel expenses as lodging, meals, phone calls, conference fees, and materials. You can capture and insert the images of checks, receipts, invoices, and bills and share them.

Tips to Keep in Mind

– When planning a business trip to a foreign country, don’t forget about national, religious and local holidays. Visit websites like this one and mark upcoming holidays on your phone or tablet.

– Learn cultural information and etiquette when travelling to a different country. Studying websites like this one beforehand can help you avoid misunderstandings and possible cultural faux pas.

Installing quality travel business apps on your mobile device before you embark on a business trip and doing some research at the click of a button are what you need to organize a successful business trip and keep costs and stress level down.

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Double Benefits of Hotel Mobile Apps

CYB2SCDOQUMobile technology influences our lives to a large degree. The 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report notes: “Digital media time in the U.S. has exploded recently – growing nearly 50% in the past two years, with more than three-fourth of that growth directly attributable to the mobile app”. Mobile apps are taking over multiple Continue reading “Double Benefits of Hotel Mobile Apps” »

Improve Vehicle Inspections with Special Mobile Apps

Improve Vehicle Inspections with Special Mobile AppsMany industries are associated with cargo transportation. To support this process in the proper form and to follow all the rules and regulations, the vehicle needs constant inspections. Drivewyze’s CEO Brian Heath states that “federal regulators anticipate that the freight volume handled by trucks will increase 60% by 2040”. This is going to place an Continue reading “Improve Vehicle Inspections with Special Mobile Apps” »

Mobile Solutions for Food Safety Inspections

Mobile Solutions for Food Safety InspectionsFood safety, handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness, is a top priority in any food facility. Traditionally, food safety inspections have been conducted with paper forms and clipboards and all the data has been written by hand and formalized into various reports. Not Continue reading “Mobile Solutions for Food Safety Inspections” »

The Collective App Economy

The Collective App EconomyAccording to Forrester, over $600 billion is spent on enterprise software each year. Speaking ahead of the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit in Sydney on 20-21st of July, Gartner’s principal research analyst Adrian Leow said, “Organizations increasingly find it difficult to be Continue reading “The Collective App Economy” »

3 Ways of App Delivery

iphone-933205_1920There are 3 ways of getting mobile business apps: get them developed in house, purchase existing ready-made apps, or get them customized/developed from scratch by a third-party.

Organizations can develop their own apps, but mobile development requires unique skills and significant investments. This held true until Continue reading “3 Ways of App Delivery” »

Snappii’s New Apps for Business at Your Fingertips

for blogMobile apps have become an integral component of modern business. Indeed, more and more CIOs and business leaders want to mobilize their business and equip themselves and their employees with various business apps. Not surprisingly, with the increased demand, the supply is Continue reading “Snappii’s New Apps for Business at Your Fingertips” »

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