What Businesses Should Take with Them into the Next Year

What Businesses Should Take with Them into the Next Year

What Businesses Should Take with Them into the Next YearKeep fighting

The Coronavirus infection is by far the most significant event of this year, affecting life around the world. People continue to fight and we want to believe that the end of this misfortune is near. However, we are entering the new year with new knowledge and measures, some of which will remain in our lives for a long time, and perhaps forever. Here are some well-known examples of such measures.

– Hand hygiene

– Keeping distance

– Wearing a hygienic mask in public

– Avoiding touching eyes, mouth, or nose

– Staying at home when you feel unwell

The new policy to keep business afloat

Businesses in various fields continue to experience a crisis. In addition to economic difficulties, companies are forced to implement a new strict employee healthcare safety policy and prevent the spread of the infection. Such policy includes:

– Maintaining effective hygiene

– Social distancing

– Regular cleaning and disinfection

– Employee health tracking

– Remote work

Understanding all the difficulties businesses have faced this year and wanting to help overcome the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Snappii have developed some solutions which some companies are already successfully implementing in their work environment.

How mobile forms came to the rescue

Mobile forms have already proven themselves well in terms of reducing face-to-face interaction. They allow employees to collect and process any data as well as instantly share it with anyone. Workers no longer need to visit the office regularly to submit a report. They can do it in a few clicks with a mobile device. Moreover, mobile forms replace paper-based documentation which may contain and transfer the virus. After all, as we know, the infection is also spread by contacting contaminated surfaces.

The unique solution any business can instantly try

However, what is truly unique and significant that Snappii has developed the opportunity for businesses to continue using existing and familiar forms but in a digital format. Companies do not need to abandon well-proven forms and implement a completely new system that is not entirely suitable. It is a completely affordable opportunity to go digital instantly, without a huge investment of time and money. Anyone can try the Snappii Form Converter themselves. No special skills are required. Optical Field Recognition system will do most of the work for you. We described the principle of the Form Converter’s work here. Also here is a video with more detailed information. The Snappii team is always ready to convert your forms to their mobile analog for you. Just send us your forms and requirements here.

Make the life of your business a little easier and improve employee health safety with mobile forms. And let’s trust that we will all be able to catch up with success in the new year!

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