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Why Reports Are Important and the Best Way of Effective Reporting

Why Reports Are Important and the Best Way of Effective ReportingThe purpose and importance of reporting

Reports are a valuable and essential document for any enterprise regardless of size or industry. First of all, it is a means for monitoring and analyzing performance as well as identifying areas and opportunities for improvement and growth. Some business reporting is a regulatory requirement. Also, different reports will provide distinct value for each area of an enterprise.

The ingredients for effective reporting

Regularity and timeliness are 2 key ingredients for successful and effective reporting. It influences directly the opportunity to instantly investigate and solve any identified issues and tasks. In addition, the accuracy, and reliability of this kind of data are also important. Therefore, any business strives to establish a stable, smooth, and efficient reporting process, especially if the staff has a large number of field workers.

Mobile reports come forward

The vast majority of businesses use mobile technologies when it comes to effective reporting. Mobile forms allow workers to replace paperwork and can significantly reduce the time for generating a report. Pre-made mobile forms are a very flexible tool that is always at hand. They can be filled in in a few clicks anywhere and convert to a PDF report. The next core advantage of this kind of reporting is the ability to submit such reports remotely. Field workers do not need to waste time visiting the office or meeting with the manager. Moreover, mobile reports are more accurate and contain fewer errors and inaccuracies.

Snappii’s unique opportunities

Snappii is a successful provider of quality mobile solutions for any industry. We can help companies switch to mobile forms and mobile reports in record time. It is extremely important that they can keep the familiar forms they already use. The Snappii team will just convert them to their mobile analog. “The company has gone from many paper items to 0 paper needed for our purpose,” says Edwin Smutt from Elevation Transport. Get rid of a paper-based reporting system and go mobile without a huge investment of time and money. Send us your forms to get started.

How to Help Remote Employees Work with Data More Efficiently

How to Help Remote Employees Work with Data More EfficientlyWhat worries remote employees

Today many employees are adjusting to working from home amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. They are being faced with an entirely new situation and try not to lose productivity outside the office.

One of the pain points of remote working is communication between remote employees and between employees and their managers. The most common and related problems are:

– lack of opportunity to reach each other quickly enough,

– lack of timely and reliable data,

– poor reporting,

– poor decision-making process,

– excess amount of emails and their confusion,

– etc.

This way, remote employees need a solution that will link the entire data collection, management, and exchange process as well as make it simple and fast. Mobile apps are the best tool for this task.

How mobile solutions can improve work with data

Mobile apps offer pre-made mobile forms that simplify, accelerate and optimize work with various data. Employees have an established format and fields. All they need is just add necessary data. Mobile forms significantly reduce the likelihood of errors and inaccuracies. Also, employees can instantly generate professional reports based on the completed forms and submit them to managers. Managers, in their turn, receive accurate data in a timely manner that is easy to store and to which they can have constant access.

Why Snappii is #1 provider of mobile solutions

Snappii is a proven expert in advanced mobile solutions for businesses. We offer the easiest way to switch to mobile apps and forms. Most businesses already have their own, familiar forms and they do not want to part with them. Snappii took this into account and developed a unique Optical Field Recognition system to convert any existing forms to their mobile analog in a snap. This way, anyone can go mobile without a huge investment of time and money. Learn more about how it works here. Empower remote employees with efficient mobile solutions and keep building up your business.

Choose the Most Suitable Way to Switch to Mobile Forms

Choose the Most Suitable Way to Switch to Mobile FormsThe time of mobile forms

Professionals across various industries regularly utilize paper forms. However, many workers often have to collect data outside of the office and this way, paperwork becomes rather embarrassing. Given this, today paper forms are actively replaced with mobile forms which have become very popular thanks to the spread of smartphones and tablets. Mobile forms allow users to easily and quickly collect and submit data in real-time from any location. In addition to the obvious benefits, they also contribute to:

– higher data accuracy,

– reducing paper storage costs,

– faster decision making,

– more streamlined and organized operations,

– better legal protection in case of litigation,

– etc.

Find out more advantages of shifting from paper to mobile forms here.

The best ways to switch to mobile forms

Snappii is a company that allows various industries to improve the work of their field staff thanks to mobile forms and mobile apps for over 10 years. Today we offer some solutions to switch to mobile forms.

– Ready-made apps. Snappii has a great gallery of ready-made apps covering many industries and fields of activity. You can find ready-made apps for estimates, invoices, work orders, inspections, daily reporting, timesheet creation, and more. Most of these apps can be customized to meet some specific needs. The Snappii team will add your own forms and make necessary changes.

– Form Converter and OFR. Snappii allows users to keep their usually used forms and reports. A smart and powerful Form Converter will help convert the existing forms to their mobile analog. Thanks to the Optical Field Recognition system (OFR), Artificial Intelligence will do all the main work itself and instantly build a digital version. Also, the users can make necessary changes or create any mobile form from scratch. Here is a demo video with some instructions.

– Snappii Mobile Forms app. Perhaps, it is the fastest way to switch to mobile forms. Snappii offers the Snappii Mobile Forms app that already contains 100+ pre-made mobile form templates for plenty of activities. All the users need is just download the app in Apple App Store or Google Play and start using the forms. The Snappii Mobile Forms app also has the in-built form converter to utilize the users’ existing forms. There is more detailed information about the app in this blog post.

– Request. The Snappii team is ready to convert any forms or create them from scratch. Users just send us their forms and requirements and get a ready-made product. It is ideal for heavily-loaded companies.

The First Thing to Do for Your Business in the Next Year

The First Thing to Do for Your Business in the Next YearWait, are you still drowning in paper?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, paper products make up the largest percentage of all materials that end up in landfills. In business, paperwork eats up not only time but also a large part of the budget. Since any company strives to increase productivity and efficiency, the first thing to take care of is to ditch paper-based documentation. Thanks to Snappii, it is a quite simple task. If your business is still drowning in paper, start the next year by instantly changing it.

The affordable solution to instantly go mobile

Try the best Snappii’s solution of the outgoing year. The Snappii team has upgraded the powerful Snappii Form Converter and added the Optical Field Recognition system. Now anyone can instantly convert any existing form to its mobile analog and use it on a mobile device. Artificial Intelligence will do all the main work itself. Going paperless has never been easier. Moreover, businesses do not need to abandon their familiar forms. Here you can find the steps of form conversion and some more information about the Form Converter. Also, here is a short demo video.

Smart mobile forms are right in your pocket

There is one more extremely helpful and advantageous solution from Snappii helping companies get rid of paperwork. The Snappii Mobile Forms app already has 100+ pre-made mobile forms for plenty of business activities. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. If none of these pre-made mobile forms suits you, you can instantly convert your own one right in this app. Learn more about the Snappii Mobile Forms app here.

The Snappii team is ready to convert your forms for you. All you need is to send us your forms and requirements. Now any company can go digital instantly without a huge investment of time and money.

What Businesses Should Take with Them into the Next Year

What Businesses Should Take with Them into the Next YearKeep fighting

The Coronavirus infection is by far the most significant event of this year, affecting life around the world. People continue to fight and we want to believe that the end of this misfortune is near. However, we are entering the new year with new knowledge and measures, some of which will remain in our lives for a long time, and perhaps forever. Here are some well-known examples of such measures.

– Hand hygiene

– Keeping distance

– Wearing a hygienic mask in public

– Avoiding touching eyes, mouth, or nose

– Staying at home when you feel unwell

The new policy to keep business afloat

Businesses in various fields continue to experience a crisis. In addition to economic difficulties, companies are forced to implement a new strict employee healthcare safety policy and prevent the spread of the infection. Such policy includes:

– Maintaining effective hygiene

– Social distancing

– Regular cleaning and disinfection

– Employee health tracking

– Remote work

Understanding all the difficulties businesses have faced this year and wanting to help overcome the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Snappii have developed some solutions which some companies are already successfully implementing in their work environment.

How mobile forms came to the rescue

Mobile forms have already proven themselves well in terms of reducing face-to-face interaction. They allow employees to collect and process any data as well as instantly share it with anyone. Workers no longer need to visit the office regularly to submit a report. They can do it in a few clicks with a mobile device. Moreover, mobile forms replace paper-based documentation which may contain and transfer the virus. After all, as we know, the infection is also spread by contacting contaminated surfaces.

The unique solution any business can instantly try

However, what is truly unique and significant that Snappii has developed the opportunity for businesses to continue using existing and familiar forms but in a digital format. Companies do not need to abandon well-proven forms and implement a completely new system that is not entirely suitable. It is a completely affordable opportunity to go digital instantly, without a huge investment of time and money. Anyone can try the Snappii Form Converter themselves. No special skills are required. Optical Field Recognition system will do most of the work for you. We described the principle of the Form Converter’s work here. Also here is a video with more detailed information. The Snappii team is always ready to convert your forms to their mobile analog for you. Just send us your forms and requirements here.

Make the life of your business a little easier and improve employee health safety with mobile forms. And let’s trust that we will all be able to catch up with success in the new year!

Top 3 Reasons to Utilize Mobile Forms and the Best Ways to Go Mobile

Top 3 Reasons to Utilize Mobile Forms and the Best Ways to Go MobileHave you ever thought about how much is paper actually costing you? Industry research firm Gartner, Inc., estimates that as much as 3% of a company’s revenue is spent on paper, printing, filing, and the costs to store and maintain files of information. Until recently alternatives to paper forms were either unavailable or too expensive. However, now everything has changed dramatically and a company of any size and revenue can turn to a paperless workflow with smart, agile, and powerful digital solutions.

Here are the top 3 reasons to replace paper forms with digital forms.

Time saving and increase in productivity

Paperwork results in a loss of productivity. For companies with employees who work in the field, this means they have to constantly get back to the office for data processing and reporting. Also, paper forms take a long time to complete. These are a waste of time. The pre-made mobile forms require a few minutes to be filled in anywhere and at any time. Mobile apps with mobile forms instantly put data into your office employees’ and managers’ hands. This significantly saves time, increases efficiency and productivity.

Data reliability and elimination of errors

Paper forms are filled in by hand, increasing the chance of human error. They contain illegible handwriting, missed fields, and inaccuracies. Moreover, paper forms are unreliable and can be easily damaged, and lost. Mobile forms with pre-made fields can be filled in in a few clicks which virtually eliminates errors. Completed forms can be safely stored in the app, in the cloud, etc.

Decline of COVID-19 infection risks

We continue to live in the COVID-19 pandemic. The infection is primarily spread from person to person by small droplets, but also by contacting contaminated surfaces. This way, work with paper documents causes significant risk. People constantly transfer paper files that may contain the virus as well as they have to visit offices and contact face to face. Using mobile apps and mobile forms reduces these risks. It helps maintain the safety and health of employees, customers, and keep businesses open.

The best ways to go mobile from Snappii

If you are still drowning in paper, Snappii is your saving chance. We offer the fastest and easiest way to go digital without a huge investment of money. The Snappii Mobile Forms app already contains 100+ pre-made mobile form templates for plenty of activities. All you need is just download the app in Apple App Store or Google Play and start using the forms.

If you have your own forms that you have been using for a long time and you are not ready to abandon them, Snappii offers to convert your existing forms to their mobile analog. You can do it in a snap with Snappii Form Converter and Optical Field Recognition system. Learn more about it here. Also, the Snappii team is ready to do it for you. Just send us your forms and requirements.

It’s time to say goodbye to paper and step into a new era of unique solutions and prosperity.

How to Keep Distancing While Working on Your Workplace

How to Keep Distancing While Working on Your WorkplaceWherein is the greatest risk?

COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact for some period. This way, limiting face-to-face contacts and meetings is the best way to reduce the spread of Coronavirus disease. However, not all companies can move to remote work and people are forced to visit workplaces and interact with each other somehow. In this difficult situation, mobile apps come to the rescue.

The benefits of mobile apps and mobile forms

Thanks to mobile apps, many operations with data can be made remotely without any face-to-face contacts. For example, creation estimates, work orders, invoices, reports, various inspection forms, and more. Mobile forms allow users to collect all necessary information, instantly process it on a mobile device, and send it via email and other ways. The completed mobile forms are convenient to store. Also, all employees have constant access to any data.

Even more than safety

Do you know that work with paper-based documentation provides risks of COVID-19 infection since the infection is also spread by contacting contaminated surfaces and paper is one of such surfaces? Learn more about it here. In addition to safety, mobile apps have a positive impact on the workflow. They improve the efficiency of many activities, increase data accuracy, save costs, ensure better meeting deadlines, and more. Mobile apps and mobile forms contribute to a paperless office, help avoid littering and favor the environment.

Snappii’s mobile solutions

Snappii is ready to become your easiest and fastest way to turn to mobile apps and mobile forms. Try our ready-made apps for plenty of industries and fields of activity. Most of them can be modified to meet your specific needs. Also, you can convert your existing and familiar forms to their mobile analog with Snappii’s Form Converter. Learn more about how to do this here. One more opportunity is to download the Snappii Mobile Forms app and use pre-made mobile forms. And of course, the Snappii team is ready to convert or create mobile forms for you. All you need is to send us your forms and requirements.

Keep the distance to stay safe and Snappii will try to help you.

Ensure Better Safety at Construction Sites with Digital Forms and Apps

Ensure Better Safety at Construction Sites with Digital Forms and AppsWhy construction companies should abandon paper forms

The problems associated with using paper to manage safety at construction sites are well known but often continue to be ignored. A paper-based system of reporting, inspection and management is extremely unreliable. Workers can’t report the incident in time, quickly find the right safety confirmation form as well as fill in any inspection form or checklist. If a construction company still doesn’t use digital forms and construction apps to maintain construction sites’ safety, it may be missing a solution that would be simple and fast to implement.

A unique form conversion solution from Snappii

Snappii offers such a solution. Nowadays anyone can go digital instantly without a huge investment of time and money. Snappii has invented its first of a kind Optical Field Recognition to convert any existing paper forms to their digital analog. Thanks to this Artificial Intelligence system, it requires a few simple steps and no programming. Here are the blog posts explaining how to convert the forms on a PC and a mobile device. Besides using OFR, users can create a mobile form from scratch or use one of the ready-made templates Snappii offers. The process is really simple and based on adding the necessary fields. Snappii Mobile Forms app allows users to instantly use the created mobile forms. Watch this video to learn more about the process.

Digital forms contribute to more timely and accurate data to avoid and prevent any incidents. Moreover, it is a convenient and reliable way to store all safety data and documentation for legal defense and have constant access to it.

Snappii team understands how busy construction workers are and is ready to create any mobile form or app for them. We will meet any specific needs. Send us the forms and requirements and get a free quote to start.

How to Convert Your Forms with Optical Field Recognition in Snappii Mobile Forms App

How to Convert Your Forms with Optical Field Recognition in Snappii Mobile Forms AppAny company using forms and creating PDF reports can now go digital instantly without huge investment of time and money. Anyone with mobile device can convert PDF or image file of form to its mobile analogue. Snappii offers Snappii Mobile Forms app with Optical Field Recognition. Let’s consider how it works.

The major steps of form conversion with Snappii Mobile Forms app

– First of all, download Snappii Mobile Forms app and register.

– Here is the opportunity to add your form.

– Choose the way you do this. We will add the form photo from the camera roll.

– You will get the info about recognized fields.

– Make necessary edits of the form report.

– Go to Fields to edit the form. Edit fields and add new.

– Preview the form and the PDF report.

– Save the form.

– You can start using your form.

With Snappii Mobile Forms app, you can also use one of 100+ ready-to-use form templates. They are customizable to your specific needs. Moreover, you are able to create a mobile form from scratch.

Snappii’s mobile forms provide autofilling, voice-to-text conversion, bar codes and QR codes scanning, the opportunity to take pictures and more.

The time to go digital

It’s time to replace bulky and unreliable paper documents with a smart pocket tool. Read more about the advantages of shifting from paper to mobile forms here.

If you are not ready to convert your forms yourself, Snappii team will do it for you. Send us your forms and requirements and get a free quote. We are proud of high quality of our solutions and short delivery time. Feel free to contact our support team with any questions at

Tradesmen: Work Smarter but not Harder with Mobile Apps

Many tradesmen use technology every day to build their business, make it more straightforward and efficient. Nowadays the mobile technology is exactly the thing that is coming to the fore. Professionals can use their phone or tablet to automate routine tasks and save valuable time and energy. Let’s consider this benefit in more details.

No one likes having tons of paperwork. In addition to waste of time, paperwork is an absolutely unreliable process. Paper files can be lost or spoiled, and writing by hand always entails typos and errors. Moreover, tradesmen often work in the field and don’t have access to their PCs or laptops and work with paper in such conditions is impossible.

There is one small but smart solution for all these challenges. Special mobile apps can easily replace all paperwork and make various operations faster. Users can have all documents right in their smartphone in convenient and powerful digital format. Mobile forms eliminate paper, file cabinets and long processing of data. What took several hours now can be done in a few minutes.

Streamline workflow and increase productivity with management apps

Tradesmen can manage all operations on the move. Mobile management apps provide constant communication channel with all employees. It contributes to better and faster decision-making and workflow optimization. Moreover, management apps can be a good tracking tool. Managers can track work hours, the workflow, the progress of each project, and keep clients in the know. It’s a great opportunity to increase the productivity.

Make instant invoices on a spot with invoicing apps

Invoicing is an extremely important process for tradesmen. With special invoicing apps, there is no need to make customers wait for a quote. Tradesmen can instantly create invoices on a smartphone, send them and keep a database of completed invoices. Invoicing apps are the best replacement of paper-based invoices. It’s a great saving of tradesmen and clients’ time. Moreover, such mobile invoicing provides the beneficial effect to the company image.

Inspect anything fast and easy with just your phone and inspection apps

Various inspection apps can be a perfect component of successful business. Regardless the industry, tradesmen should conduct inspections, whether it’s safety inspection or equipment inspection. Inspection apps turn this task into a lightning fast and easy process. Such apps allow users to collect accurate data in the field, process it, generate reports and safely store them. A mobile form can be filled out in a snap and even with just your voice.

Tradesmen: apps and mobile forms to improve your business

Snappii, a mobile business app development company, offers a plenty of powerful apps, configured for tradesmen and provide a huge number of benefits. The main goal is to free users from paper, save time and money. Snappii is able to customize any app specifically for your company and your clients. We are proud to create apps in weeks, not months. Moreover, we offer unique mobile form conversion. Anyone can transform their own paper forms into mobile form app. For example, now any of your invoice or inspection form can be filled out at your smartphone. No special skills required to create such a mobile form. Snappii support team is always ready to help with this process. Make a step to the digital future and increase the revenue with Snappii.

Snappii vs Adobe: Why Snappii Mobile Forms App Wins in the Market

Completing a PDF on a mobile device is helpful for business but impractical for a person. Static PDF means users have to scroll up and down, left to right, zoom in and out to fill it out. It’s time consuming and inconvenient for workflow and for work in the field. That’s why, Snappii has developed a solution to convert any PDF to mobile form. Snappii Form Converter allows users to generate mobile forms and Snappii Mobile Forms App makes it possible to instantly fill them out on a smartphone. You simply fill out the fields and the app will generate and complete your PDF.

Just imagine how much time it can save. What took 2-3 hours each day, now can be done in several minutes. As we know, time is money, so Snappii Form Converter and Forms App also save money and contribute to cut general expenses.

Why Snappii Mobile Forms App

We have made Snappii Mobile Forms app even more powerful by adding some special features. If you don’t have your own PDF forms, Snappii App comes with 100+ ready-to-use form templates for general business, construction, various inspections, transportation and logistics, warehousing, etc. Fill out any form once, and the Forms App remembers your answers, so the next time you can just pick previous answer or autofill the entire form. Save a plenty of time! Hate typing or work in gloves? The forms can be filled out with just your voice. Tap the microphone and just speak. Snappii App converts your speech to text. Some fields are filled in automatically, for example user location.

You can find more unique benefits trying Snappii Form Converter and Snappii Mobile Forms app free. No special skills needed, it is available to anyone. See for yourself that filling out PDFs on mobile device can be fast and convenient. And below you can find a comparison table why Snappii mobile form solutions are better and win in the market.

Snappii vs Adobe

Adobe Snappii
Take unlimited pictures v
Annotate on pictures v
Vertical field layout v
Easy to fill out on smartphone v
Put a signature v v
Calculated fields v
Numeric and text fields v v
Capture audio v
Capture video v
Drop down v
Barcodes and QR codes v
Automatically determine location v
Autofill form with one touch v
Autofill any field with one touch v
Voice to text conversion v
Pre-made form templates v
Previously saved versions v
Information saved to a database v
Consolidated reporting v
Ability to fill forms in a group v


Free Webinar. How to Convert a Paper Form to a Mobile App in 10 minutes

Free webinar. mobile formsFree Webinar. Thu, May 26, 2016 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM EDT. Join here

Got Paper Forms? Want to go paperless and just use Apps?

Come and learn how to convert Paper Forms to Mobile Apps in literally in minutes

We will do a live step by step demonstration after which you will be able to do this

All attendees to the Webinar will get a FREE help from our Support team to help you build convert your first form into an App!


Paper forms are

– Expensive to print and ship

– Hard to read

– Require retyping of data into computers. Double entry

– Get lost

– And not cool anymore

Convert Paper Forms to Apps and

– Save money and time

– Collect information instantly

– Delight your customers!

See you on Thursday, May 26th 2PM EDT.



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