Inventory Anything iPAD App from Snappii

Inventory Anything iPAD App from Snappii

for blogAt least once every person faced the necessity to put down the amount of goods purchased, given or received; costs and time spent; put a time stamp when data was entered. For an individual it might be a one-time effort, however, for a business owner it’s not just the necessity but also an everyday duty. Inventory is a process required to manage materials and goods and prevent these goods from running out unexpectedly. Business owners have to manage the goods flow on a daily basis and store huge amount of data to help them handle inventories. Inventory is very time-consuming and requires accurate data entry. Human factor plays a significant role in inventory, because inventory managers have to deal with lots of paper work, errors are inevitable. Besides, it is not safe to store important data in paper as it can cause data damage, loss, customer disappointment and more.

Snappii offers its Inventory Anything mobile app for iPAD as a convenient and easy-to-use mobile solution that will help inventory managers eliminate paper work, manage different inventories quickly and easily, save time and money usually spent on handwritten paper inventories and more.

With the help of the Inventory Anything mobile business app its users will be able to:

– instantly collect and manage any inventory
– add information about different items
– capture photos, text, cost
– scan bar codes
– calculate sales, cost and profit
– generate and share custom PDF reports with all items listed

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store here.

Inventory Anything,mobile app,app features and benefitsMoreover, the app can be 100% customized to meet any specific business needs. The app is built on Snappii mobile codeless app development platform. Snappii is a RAD (rapid application development) platform.  It is unique because it is truly codeless app development platform and is designed for business people. All are welcome to try Snappii at no charge at

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