Precast Concrete: Reliable Delivery, Smooth Erection and Optimized Workflow

Precast Concrete: Reliable Delivery, Smooth Erection and Optimized Workflow

Delays and risks steal your time and money

Precast concrete passes through several stages, from order placement, production stage, to delivery to project site. The last mentioned stage requires good supply chain management to ensure timely erection process. Disruptions can stop the work of the entire construction site. All delays and risks should be anticipated to eliminate loss of time and money. Special mobile apps help ensure that the correct elements are delivered error-free to the right place at the right time and the whole project team operate in time and budget.

Not so long ago Snappii, an outstanding business app development company, had the pleasure of working with a large enterprise from Texas – Coreslab Structures. The task was to improve project documentation, reduce delays and synchronize the entire field workflow. The collaboration has resulted in creation of unique and extremely useful Precast Erectors Planner app.

Precast Erectors Planner app. Timely, safe and professional operations

Precast Erectors Planner app provides a real time view of all the field activity, helps in planning, following up the progress, management, scheduling of labor and equipment, keeping all parties of the project well informed at all the stages, as well as ensures timely and accurate reporting. Coreslab Structures noticed that this app can save $4,000 per hour on delays!

Utilizing the real-time status information is an effective way to coordinate the project and ensure its progress according to the schedule. Moreover, such information allows generating the necessary project documentation to identify valid causes and hold certain people accountable due to any inconsistencies (in case they nonetheless occur). Precast Erectors Planner app enables better project understanding and defending the actions.

Among the features of the app are:

– the ability to load erection sequence from Excel;

– 4 day look ahead form with delivery dates and delivery times, which can be filled out automatically;

– calculation of number of pieces that are erected on any given day;

– instant notification about schedule changes;

– the ability of fast creation daily and anytime status reports, their sending and storage;

–  unlimited photos.

No more wasting labor hours, expensive equipment, sitting idle, waiting pieces from manufacturing. Plan any erection phases and achieve clear execution. Increase in efficiency of the project executions can lead to the growth of the whole business.

The way to succeed

The precast concrete industry is showing a solid growth worldwide. These products use in house building, as well as bridges and highways building. The global precast concrete market size is anticipated to reach USD 149.1 billion by 2026, according to a new study published by Polaris Market Research. The best way to succeed in this field is to keep up with modern mobile solutions. Snappii is ready to realize any needs of your business. Our short video can give you a general overview of the existing structure of Precast Erectors Planner app. However, the app is fully customizable and can be modified to meet your personal requirements. This approach is also financially beneficial. You don’t need to hire developers for large-scale, long-term and costly process. Contact us today to discuss any questions, schedule the app demo and get a free quote of app customization.

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