Make Quick Job Estimates without Paperwork

Make Quick Job Estimates without Paperwork

Make Quick Job Estimates without PaperworkDon’t base your estimates on how the competitors do this. If you take the time to estimate your jobs right, you’ll end up with a smooth cash flow. Among the major steps of proper job estimation are:

– Reviewing of the project scope,

– Estimation of a timeline,

– Calculation of materials costs,

– Calculation of labor costs,

– Calculation of special costs,

– Comparison with competitors.

Don’t waste the time on paperwork

Job estimation is a paper-based task. Many professionals complain that this is time-consuming, associated with errors, inaccurate and untimely data, and inconvenient to perform in the field. That’s why, Snappii decided to simplify and optimize this process and allow specialists to be more professional in the estimation process without huge effort, get paid quicker, and win more projects.

Smart job estimation process with Job Estimator app 

The updated ready-made Job Estimator app is a real godsend to generate professional job estimates in minutes and email them to clients. The app allows users to collect a customer’s information, work description, labor hours and rates as well as all necessary parts. All the calculations are made automatically. Record time and expenses spent on a particular client or project. There is a speech to text feature and an ability to import clients from the address book or Excel file. Add photos to the invoices – items. Also, the Job Estimator app allows users to preview the estimate as a PDF before sending it to the client. Quickly fill in invoices with previously entered data. They can be sent via texting or email. Inform and agree upon the changes made to the project and report about the work progress.

The unique opportunity to meet your specific needs

One of the unique advantages of Snappii is the app customization solution. If you have any specific requirements for the estimation app and the development process from scratch is too expensive, we can customize the Job Estimator app for you. It is fast and affordable for any company. Just contact us to discuss your requirements. Move to the smart and multifunctional mobile solutions to improve your daily operations.

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