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Snappii Announces 4 Powerful Apps for Warehouse Management at No Cost

Snappii Announces 4 Powerful Apps for Warehouse Management at No CostNow every warehouse manager can afford to use Mobile Apps to save time and make any operation more effective.

Warehouse management requires flexibility and work in the field using paper forms. Warehouse inspections and inventories require reporting with pictures and different types of data. Now employees can use their smartphones to do rapid operations and reports anywhere, any time while saving time and money. Snappii, which has over 250 free and customizable business apps in the Apple and Google Stores, offers powerful and feature-rich warehouse management apps, that can be 100% customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. Thanks to Snappii’s codeless DIY App Builder, customers can build or customize apps without any programming.

Snappii offers Warehouse Lease and Capacity Calculator app, which allows users to inspect inventories, manage shipments, and perform necessary calculations. With this app users also can:

–     Instantly collect and manage any inspection;

–     Visualize warehouse inspections on a map;

–     Use bar code scanning;

–     Utilize camera and add photos;

–     Sync collected data across multiple devices;

–     Upload any PDF form or document from local storage;

–    Generate PDF forms and share them;

–    Use a community forum.

Warehouse Inventory and Shipment app is a good solution for warehouse inventories. It allows users to:

–    Ensure availability of goods;

–    Calculate warehouse space and capacity;

–    Check warehouse storage conditions;

–    Utilize camera and add photos;

–    Use bar code scanning;

–    Store all the data on your device;

–    Get push notifications;

–    Generate PDF forms and share them.

To inspect warehouses in minutes, Snappii has created Warehouse Inspection and Maintenance app. With this app users will be able to:

–    Manage warehouse inspections;

–    Use camera and app photos;

–    Use GPS and track inspections on a map;

–    Upload any PDF form;

–    Retrieve PDF reports;

–    Share PDF reports.

Inspect & Maintain Trucks app can help with warehouse shipment. It allows truck operators, drivers, technicians and other professionals to perform detailed inspections of the machines they use with their smartphones or tablets. With this app users can:

–    Conduct detailed inspections covering each major system and component of trucks;

–    Sync collected data across multiple devices;

–    Check all components and assemblies;

–    Indicate problems, disrepairs, malfunctions in the equipment performance;

–    Collect necessary data on major equipment systems and notify mechanics about maintenance issues or repair services required;

–    Retrieve PDF forms of the conducted inspections and share them;

–    Send push notifications with relevant alerts;

–    Discuss any issues and exchange ideas on different topics.

There is a huge amount of useful inspection apps at the Snappii website All these apps are available for free download from Apple and Google Play Stores.

Moreover, users are able to order custom app development and get ready-made apps in days not months. All apps can be customized with necessary features just in a few days. Snappii allows customers to increase company’s efficiency, optimize the workflow, reduce costs and improve the business. The combination of reasonable price, quality and high speed of work will benefit any user.

About Snappii:
Snappii is a unique instant mobile solution for business that offers both a platform to create mobile business apps without programming in days, not months, and a wide selection of ready-made industry specific apps that can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play stores at no cost. Over 27,000 apps have already been built on Snappii by large, medium and small companies. Learn more at

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