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Keep Fire Inspection under control with mobile apps

With regulations governing fire safety tightening and the pressure to streamline inspections continuing to increase, it is becoming more important than ever to ensure that fire inspection processes remain efficient and in control. This means eliminating paperwork whenever possible, automating processes, and finding ways to make the inspection process easier and faster. Mobile apps are emerging as a key tool in helping organizations stay on top of their fire inspection requirements while also ensuring they remain compliant with all local regulations.

Fire inspections involve checking that a building conforms to existing safety codes and standards, which is why having accurate records is so important. With mobile inspection apps, such information can be recorded quickly, easily and carried with you wherever you go for instant access. Not only does this help inspectors stay organized without relying on paperwork but it also makes it easier for them to update records in real time if needed — something that was not always possible using paper-based systems.

Fire inspectors have an important job, which is why having the right tools available is essential for their efficiency as well as accuracy. The best mobile inspection apps are intuitive enough for even novice users, yet comprehensive enough for experienced professionals too — allowing both staff members and contractors alike access via their smartphones or tablets without any technical training required whatsoever. Not only does this help ensure your team remains up-to-date but also gives you confidence that the latest industry regulations are being followed during every inspection session no matter who performs it or where they are located physically at any time.

In addition, when inspections take place digitally with an app, there is no need to worry about filing away paper records which can be lost or misfiled — resulting in potential legal implications later down the line if they cannot be found when needed most. Paperwork becomes a thing of the past once digital filing systems like mobile app platforms become part of everyday operations within an organization too thanks partly because such data can automatically be shared over both cloud based storage solutions as well as other back-end systems used internally at organizations without needing manual input from personnel making errors less likely. Digital fire inspection process saves time and money basically covering everything from scheduling reports through photographing evidence, producing diagrams, drawings, registering findings electronically, easier search options & integration with existing infrastructure, plus much more basically allowing inspectors today work smarter not harder.

Snappii has been helping fire inspection organizations conduct inspections with their smartphone and tablets. Snappii has created many mobile apps for fire inspections, including Fire Inspection App, Fire Hydrant Inspection, Fire Prevention Inspection Checklist, Daycare Fire Safety Inspection, Fire Inspection Survey, Fire Alarm Inspection Report. These apps can be modified to your business needs. Contact Snappii today to see how we can help streamline your fire inspection process.

Overall, mobile apps allow organizations to maximize efficiency when conducting fire inspections while still meeting all relevant legal requirements.

One More Time about the Importance of Fire Safety Measures at Enterprises

One More Time about the Importance of Fire Safety Measures at EnterprisesAccording to U.S. Fire Administration, 10-year trends for fires and fire-related injuries have decreased. However, the trends for fire-related deaths and dollar loss have increased. People still don’t take fire preventive measures seriously enough. Especially at enterprises where the risks are higher. Fires in businesses can result in substantial property damage and endanger hundreds of lives. Here are several steps that are essential while implementing the fire safety policy in the workplace.

Constant control of potential problem areas

There is a number of common hazards at any enterprise that is likely to be the source of a fire. It usually concerns machines and equipment, various electrical appliances and cords, flammable, HVAC systems, and more. All these potential problem areas should be regularly inspected and maintained to identify any malfunctions at the earliest stages.

Ensuring proper and functioning fire-fighting equipment

Every business should have functioning fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinklers, etc. The service life must be clearly tracked. And of course, such equipment must be constantly maintained.

Emergency plan and employee preparation

Preparation is one of the most important elements of a fire safety policy. Each enterprise must have an emergency plan. Moreover, all employees must be instructed in emergency procedures. Regular training, fire drills, and reminders are essential. Also, it is important to make sure the emergency and evacuation plans accommodate employees with disabilities.

The role of mobile solutions in fire safety policy

It is important to understand that these measures aren’t for getting leadership, managers, and all staff in trouble and providing additional load — they contribute to a safe and successful workflow. Nowadays there are solutions to streamline and simplify fire preventive measures. Fire inspection apps are a real godsend for enterprises. They allow users to keep all aspects of fire safety policy under control without a huge investment of time and effort.

Fire Inspection app – a must-have tool for any enterprise

Snappii has been providing high-quality mobile solutions to businesses for 10 years. One of the fields we cover is various inspections. Snappii offers a special ready-made app to conduct fast and professional fire inspections without paperwork. The Fire Inspection app allows users to capture required data easily and quickly using a mobile device. The pre-made mobile inspection form can be filled out in few minutes. There is an opportunity to take and attach photos. The completed inspection form can be signed and generated to the PDF or Excel report, shared and stored on the device. Watch how the Fire Inspection app works in this short video demo. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. The Snappii team is ready to discuss app customization. If you have your own convenient, familiar, and well-established forms, we can convert them to their digital format and add them to the app. Send your forms and requirements here.

Tips to Use While Performing Workplace Safety Measures

Tips to Use While Performing Workplace Safety MeasuresSafety always comes first

Regardless of industry or field of activity, workplace safety should always be a priority. It’s about keeping employees healthy and workable as well as avoidance of legal risks. Many business owners and safety managers are looking for new and updated ideas and tips to keep daily workplace safety. Here are some of them.

– First-aid training with visual demonstration. Do not limit employees to one theory. Let them see with their own eyes and try basic first-aid activities. Also, remember to check and restock the first-aid kit regularly.

– Keeping tidiness and cleanliness. It is not only a matter of convenience and pleasantness of work but also a part of safety. For example, littering and cluttering a space can restrict access to emergency exits or firefighting equipment. Also, slippery, dirty, or sticky floors can contribute to injuries.

– Special attention to storage and labeling of hazardous materials. This goes for various combustible and volatile materials, chemicals, solvents, products, paints, and more. This is often overlooked. However, even a small leak can cause a serious problem.

– Use of appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). Each hazardous activity must be performed exclusively in equipment designed specifically for it. Moreover, the PPE should be checked regularly for signs of wear or damage and instantly replaced if necessary.

– Use of special safety inspection apps. Such apps simplify and accelerate inspections of firefighting equipment and safety precautions’ compliance. Also, this is a great opportunity to get rid of paperwork in this task.

Add Fire Inspection app to your safety tools

The ready-made Fire Inspection app from Snappii is an excellent tool to perform instant inspections and capture required data using a mobile device. Ensure that the premises have all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. No more time-consuming paperwork and unreliable inspection paper-based forms. Fill in the pre-made mobile form in a few clicks. Also, users can capture handwritten signatures and attach photos. The completed inspection form can be generated to the PDF or Excel report, shared, and stored on the device. Watch this video to learn more about the Fire Inspection app. Download the app in Apple App Store or Google Play.

Never settle for less! If you are not completely satisfied with the Fire Inspection app’s functionality, Snappii is ready to customize it for you. Send us your requirements here and let’s discuss them.

The App to Use while Realizing Fire Prevention Plan

The App to Use while Realizing Fire Prevention PlanThe basics of fire prevention in any company

Companies are vulnerable to a number of threats and fire incidents are one of them. Protecting a company from the threat of fires usually begins with the following actions prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):

– Make and follow an emergency action plan

– Maintain and regularly inspect fire protection and prevention equipment

– Train employees

Fire Inspection app: a tool that should be at hand

Snappii is ready to help companies with the second point and provides a mobile app to optimize and improve this task. The Fire Inspection app is a perfect agile tool to perform multiple types of fire inspections. The app allows users to ensure that the premises have all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. The Fire Inspection app covers such important fire safety components as extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire prevention, daycare fire inspection, and more. The pre-made mobile forms can be instantly filled in by the required data in a few clicks. Users can capture any type of data including even photos, locations, and signatures. The completed forms can be emailed to anyone as PDF and Excel reports. Also, these reports can be stored locally on a device. Here is a short video about the Fire Inspection app. The app is available in Apple App Store as well as in Google Play.

Some more benefits

Moreover, Snappii offers a solution that had time to prove itself. The Snappii team is ready to customize most of its apps to meet some specific needs of customers. For example, we can do it with the Fire Inspection app. We get the requirements, discuss them, and generate a quote. It doesn’t require a huge investment of time and money. “I have never heard from the Snappii team that “we can’t do that”.  Regardless of what I asked of Snappii they always tried,” says Robert Gulino from Modern Niagara. Contact Snappii here.

Increase the Level of Fire Safety Control with Fire Inspection App

Increase the Level of Fire Safety Control with Fire Inspection AppThe top task for any business

Fire safety should always be the main concern, no matter what type and size of business you run. It is an extensive and extremely demanding task that requires keeping a lot of aspects under control, so you cannot do without help tools.

To minimize the impact and probability of fires, it is critical to be prepared. You can ensure this by some measures. One of them is regular inspection of fire-fighting equipment and compliance with fire safety policy. This task requires a regular collection of data, documenting and timely reporting for instant necessary actions. It is extremely difficult if you use paper.

The paperless solution for better fire safety control

Snappii offers a paperless fire safety inspection and maintenance process. It contributes to faster, more efficient, organized and convenient work with data. Special fire safety apps allow users to keep all details under control and at hand. It also provides legal protection for businesses.

A ready-made Fire Inspection app from Snappii is an excellent tool to perform inspections and capture required data easily and quickly using a mobile device. The app allows users to ensure that the premises have all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and good working order. Pre-made mobile forms make workers free from time-consuming and inconvenient paperwork. For example, the Fire Inspection app helps perform monthly fire extinguishers and fire hydrants inspections. Users can quickly scan the bar code to get all details about a fire extinguisher – serial number, age, location, etc. It is an opportunity to take and attach photos. Also, users can capture handwritten signatures. The completed inspection form can be generated to the PDF or Excel report, shared and stored on the device. This video can provide more information about the Fire Inspection app and show how it works. Download the app to try it right now. It is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Do not give up on specific requirements

The distinctive feature of Snappii is an opportunity to customize most of its ready-made apps. Our team can modify the Fire Inspection app to meet your specific needs. Send them to us to discuss and get a free quote. Get a product to help you increase the level of fire safety control. It is easier and more affordable than you think.

Why Fire Prevention Plan is Essential for Enterprises

Why Fire Prevention Plan is Essential for EnterprisesEnterprises are vulnerable to a number of threats, and the fire is the most common of them. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, on average, a fire department responded to a fire somewhere in the US every 24 seconds in 2019. Reducing the risk of a potential fire at the enterprise is one of the most important things managers can and must do to protect employees, customers, and property.

What is a fire prevention plan?

The first step enterprises can take to ensure fire protection is to create a fire prevention plan. The main goal of such a plan is to identify and control fire hazards before they occur and maintenance of fire prevention measures. This document should list where all the fire extinguishers, alarms, and other fire-fighting equipment are in the enterprise location, describe potentially hazardous materials, equipment, and tools, which are used in work, as well as note measures in the event of a threat and sequential steps of evacuation.

How to keep fire-fighting equipment in good condition

However, it is not enough just to list fire-fighting equipment in a fire prevention plan. It must be regularly inspected to ensure its good condition and readiness for usage. The most simple, fast, and efficient way to do this is to turn to special mobile apps. Fire inspection apps allow users to instantly collect all necessary data, generate complete reports, share them with governing bodies and any organizations, as well as safely store them right on a mobile device for constant access. This is not just the easiest way of work with inspection data, but also the most reliable.

Snappii offers its ready-to-use Fire Inspection app. It is an excellent tool to perform inspections and capture required data easily and quickly. Fire Inspection app covers such important fire safety components as extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire prevention, daycare fire inspection, etc. Fill in pre-made mobile form, take and add photos, report locations, capture handwritten signatures, email and store completed forms, and more. Learn how the app works from this video. Download and try Fire Inspection app for iOS and Android devices. If you need any app customization, contact Snappii team and we will discuss it.

5 Steps of Fire Extinguisher Inspection

5 Steps of Fire Extinguisher InspectionA properly working extinguisher could save many lives. To ensure that fire extinguishers are in good working condition, their inspection should be conducted monthly. Businesses can bring external professionals or train their own employees as part of an overall fire safety strategy. It is critical that employees know about the most common issues, identifying during an inspection, and knows how to respond accordingly. Here are 5 mandatory steps of proper fire extinguisher inspection.

1. Visibility and accessibility

Ensure a fire extinguisher is present in the area, and it is easily visible. It should be easily accessed during an emergency. Also, prevent the extinguisher from being moved and damaged.

2. Physical state

Closely check overall condition, labeling and physical defects of the extinguisher. Metal parts should be free of any signs of damage, as well as serial number and other notes should be readable. Check a secure connection of all extinguisher’s parts. Ensure a proper condition of hose without any cracks. The pin locks prevents accidental discharge of the extinguisher. It also should be checked.

3. Pressure gauge

Check the gauge to ensure the needle points to the green area. This means that the extinguisher is fully charged and ready for use. The needle in the left red zone means that the extinguisher is undercharged, and the right red zone signals a danger of being overcharged.

4. Maintenance or inspection tag

Ensure the extinguisher has a maintenance or inspection tag with regular marks.

5. Inspection report

Besides the mark on the inspection tag, the general inspection report should be created. It usually contains summarize observations, any comments, name/signature and date.

Mobile solutions for fast and efficient fire extinguisher inspections

Snappii is able to provide a solution to significantly simplify and optimize extinguisher inspection. The ready-made Fire Inspection app is the best tool to ensure that the premises has all fire safety and fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. The app users can carry out monthly fire extinguisher inspections and collect all necessary data with their mobile devices. Also they can take and attach photos related to the inspection. The completed inspection forms are able to be generated to the report in the PDF format. The report can be signed and shared with anyone, as well as safely stored right in the app. Fire Inspection app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Moreover, Snappii can use your already existing inspection forms and checklists and convert them to the app. Thanks to powerful Snappii Form Converter, it is a fast and affordable process. You can send us your forms and requirements here. Form conversion is available as a DIY option. Anyone can try it yourself. No special skills required.


3 Actions to Prevent Fire at the Enterprise

3 Actions to Prevent Fire at the EnterpriseThe fundamentals of fire safety of any enterprise are not only the presence of fire extinguishers and evacuation plan. This concept is much more extensive and includes fire preventive trainings, safe behavior, constant inspections and reporting. The main causes of fire situations at the enterprise are:

– poor power, short circuit;

– faulty equipment, incorrect operation of equipment;

– neglect and violation of fire safety rules;

– improper storage of flammable things.

Here are 3 major activities of fire prevention at the enterprise.

Forewarned is forearmed

Provide training and maintenance of guidelines and procedures aimed to assure the safety of all employees. Pay special attention to trust and responsibility in the team. The more trust workers have in each other, the better equipped they are for whatever problems and incidents do arise in the workplace. Conduct regular fire alarm trainings and do not spare time for analysis of actions.

Constant communication

Always maintain clear lines of communication. Whether it’s a regular report, or any observations and comments, make sure all the team knows what’s going on. In every field communication is the key to operate safely and efficiently, and to making sure that everyone is on the same page.

Regular inspections

Regular fire safety inspections are the key for trouble-free and safe operation of the enterprise and the calmness of its managers. Work out a plan of inspections and strictly observe it. In order for such quite time consuming activity to take place without problems and misses, special inspection apps can be required. They allow inspectors to organize and optimize fire safety inspection and make it faster but proper.

Fire Inspection app

Snappii offers Fire Inspection app to help businesses in providing safe workplace and ensure that the premises have all fire suppression equipment in place and in good working order. It is the excellent tool to capture required data easily and quickly and add it to pre-made mobile forms. Take photos related to the inspection, include them into the PDF inspection forms, capture handwritten signatures, report locations with map or GPS features and more. Fire Inspection app conveniently stores all necessary data which is always available. Snappii team is able to customize this app to your specific needs. Contact us with any requirements.

Maintaining Fire-Fighting Equipment with Snappii Inspection Apps

Maintaining fire-fighting equipment should be on every company’s agenda. Fire is one of the leading causes of property loss in the United States. A report released by the US Fire Administration in 2015 stated “an estimated 377,900 building fires are reported to fire departments per year. These fires were responsible for around 2,634 deaths, 12,525 injuries and over $7 billion in property lost”.

Safety first

Fire is the leading cause of property damage in the workplace. If not properly prepared, the result can be serious injuries, or even fatalities. Fire prevention, although usually neglected, play a vital role in the life of any enterprise.

There are usually two elements in fire safety. General Safety measures include informing employees which route to go in case of an emergency, safety behavior in workflow and having periodic fire drills. Fire Equipment Safety measures check fire extinguishers and other tools to make sure they can still perform in a crisis.

Inspection apps for better fire-fighting equipment maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment can be made easier with a digital platform. Storing and processing the information can be done in the form of pictures and forms, which can be emailed to coworkers and kept in a digital safe-box where not even fire can get to it. Specialized mobile apps can do more than just check your fire extinguishers and equipment. Snappii offers a wide range of features like the ability collect data across multiple devices, keep inventory of all equipment, uploading inspection reports to cloud drive, work offline and online and even map and GPS features. You can find these functions in ready-made Fire Extinguisher Inspection app. Snappii can customize an app to meet any requirement, even outside of the spectrum of inspections. Visit our website for more information.

Take care of fire safety with Snappii’s inspection apps.

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