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How Mobile Apps Help Manage Warehouses

Nowadays modern mobile technology can help in warehouse management and there are plenty of useful opportunities provided by different warehouse apps, and warehouse inventory is one of them. If you want to keep your warehouses in proper conditions, improve inventory control, save money and decrease loss, then Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, has a great solution for you.

Snappii, a leading Mobile Business Apps company, helps to design, build, and deliver feature-rich business apps and form apps in days versus months without any coding skills.  Any business app and form app can be created quickly, easily, and affordably. The platform also makes it easy to manage Apps and make ongoing changes.

Over 10 years Snappii has been helping businesses improve workflow, save time and money on data collection and processing, as well as boosting collaboration and communication between the teams. Recently, John Grant Haulage Limited turned to Snappii with the request to create a mobile app that would help manage their warehouse and inventory. Snappii already has a ready-made app for Warehouse, so it took just a few weeks to customize it and roll it out to the customer.

“Snappii produced satisfactory deliverables. They asked the right questions and quickly developed a deep understanding of the project. We decided to work with them again on another development project. We highly recommend Snappii.” ~ Ralph Shepley, VP at John Grant Haulage Limited. Watch the full video case study here.

We are extremely grateful to John Grant Haulage Limited for the high appreciation of our work. If you want to improve your business processes and automate workflow, feel free to reach out to us. We have been in the mobile app development business for over ten years and have helped many companies archive better results. Snappii has a large library of 200+ ready-made mobile apps and forms that can be modified to your needs. Additionally, Snappii offers custom app development that is fast and affordable. Contact us with your requirements.


4 Tips to Keep Warehouse at Its Best

4 Tips to Keep Warehouse at Its BestManaging a warehouse also includes keeping it in good condition at all times. A clean and tidy work environment contributes to better working conditions, higher productivity, and lesser safety issues or accidents. This way, warehouse maintenance activities should be given as much priority as other daily operations. Here are some tips to keep the warehouse at its best.


1. Cleaning and pest control

After unloading the goods, the warehouse can be quite dirty and messy. Keep the warehouse clean and do regular cleaning so that staff can comfortably and safely carry out their duties. Also, warehouses often become an easy target for various pests. If left unchecked, they can destroy stored goods, spread infections, and hamper proper daily activities. So, this is also an important reason for a thorough cleaning as well as carrying out regular site inspections. Hire a pest control professional if you need more protection.

2. Barriers and floor labeling

A disorganized warehouse also degrades workflow. Use some tools to make the workspace organized. Floor labels and markings are a simple and efficient way of organizing a warehouse. Mark flow of traffic and forklift routes, designate positions of various warehouse equipment and inventory, and more. Also, use barriers to cordon off certain parts of a warehouse and make moving easier, faster, and safer.

3. Recycling

More and more people nowadays think about environmental concerns and about their contribution to maintaining ecology. Running a “green” warehouse is quite popular nowadays. It is based on the 3R – reduce, reuse, and recycle. This principle is simple to implement and ensures better warehouse condition and maintenance as well as the image of an entire business.

4. Special mobile apps

Warehouse maintenance is an extensive task. Usage of special mobile apps helps keep all aspects under control. Also, it is the best way to organize all documentation.

Snappii offers some feature-rich apps that can be extremely helpful in warehouse maintenance.

Cleaning Inspection Checklist app. This app makes cleaning inspections paperless and agile and increases the quality of cleaning procedures.

Pest Control app. This app helps keep any warehouse under strong control and ensure safety.

Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app. This is the best solution to automate warehouse inventory and perform it in minutes right on a mobile device.

Find more Snappii’s ready-made apps for plenty of industries and fields of activity. Most of these apps are customizable. We will meet your specific requirements and modify the app for you. Contact us to discuss app customization.

Perform Year-End Warehouse Inventory with Warehouse Inventory & Shipment App

Perform Year-End Warehouse Inventory with Warehouse Inventory & Shipment AppWhy is it the time to perform warehouse inventory?

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time for companies with warehouses to perform general inventory. It is essential for preparing a valid profit and loss statement for the year. Also, stockrooms and warehouses can get messy at the end of the year. This way now is the best time to get rid of unnecessary stuff and prepare a warehouse for an efficient and productive start to the new year. You can’t do without an assistant in this matter. Snappii offers a useful pocket tool that will help perform a fast and optimized inventory.

The benefits of the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app

The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app from Snappii is the best solution to automate warehouse inventory and perform it in minutes right on a mobile device. Being equipped with a bar code scanner and photo capturing users can instantly collect required details and add them to the pre-made mobile form. Also, they are able to make quick pick lists as well as sync data across multiple devices. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app allows users to generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports, share them via email, and upload them to cloud drives. Watch this short demo to learn more about the app and see it in action. The Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Get even more

If you are not fully satisfied with the pre-made forms of the app, the Snappii team is ready to customize the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app and add your own forms. We will easily convert them to their mobile analog. Please note that it’s absolutely affordable for companies of all sizes. Just send us your forms and requirements.

Turn to a paperless inventory with the Warehouse Inventory & Shipment app is the best way to end the year and get your warehouse ready for next year. Get more benefits for your business and raise it to the next level with other Snappii’s ready-made apps. Find and try them here. Most of them are also customizable.

Invoice Manager app for iPad

An invoice, bill or tab is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer with, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed pries for products or services the seller has provided the buyer.

Payment terms are usually stated on the invoice. These may specify that the buyer has a maximum number of days in which to pay, and is sometimes offered a discount if paid before the due date. The buyer could have already paid for the products or services listed on the invoice. Continue reading “Invoice Manager app for iPad” »

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