The Cloud And Big Data as an important part of small business

The Cloud And Big Data as an important part of small business

for blogUsing of big data and the cloud have great influence on practically each business industry. It allows companies of all sizes to serve customers more effectively, analyze and improve business processes.

In CEO Survey and Technology Forecast, PricewaterhouseCoopers signed out mobile and social app features as transformative technologies that impact traditional businesses and create new ones.

Here are three examples from NorTech it has worked with:

1. Pulmonary mobile business mobile business apps has developed a wireless stethoscope, the main feature of which is several patience monitoring online. It helps avoid infections compared with traditional stethoscopes. It can share lung sounds to smartphones, laptops or tablets.
2. CleveMed created a system which allows to send Data to web-portal while the patient is sleeping. It helps to examine patience while they are sleeping at home.
3. Intwine Connect developed a technology platform for monitoring and managing business data with additional function of energy management applications and indoor air quality.

“The ability to evaluate and apply data has always been an integral part of an organization’s success,” former Microsoft MSFT +0.36% COO Bob Herbold says. “But the potential that exists today to enhance operations and outcomes is nearly limitless. Those who understand how data works and what it can yield will carry enormous advantage in the new economy.”

‘’While the cloud and big data are very important in such industries as retail, healthcare, energy, small and medium businesses (SMB), the ability to connect devices to each other and to the cloud will be essential for businesses of all kinds and their consumers,” says Dave Martin, founder and CEO of Intwine Connect. “As a small, entrepreneurial company ourselves, we look to partner with other small businesses, as well as technology companies – such as Verizon Wireless and Texas Instruments TXN +1.43% – retail energy providers, regulated utilities, real estate owners and home healthcare technology providers to co-develop and mass-deploy customized solutions.”

Nowadays only about 18% of small and 57% of medium businesses utilize analytic programs, according to SMB Group research, there will be a wide spread of this technology trend.

SMB Group says that small and middle size business using cloud applications will grow to 44% by the end of the coming year. But Parallels SMB believes that the market of cloud services will grow to $95 billion by 2015.

“I think eventually every business has to have somewhere in its portfolio and go-to-market approach a range of cloud services,” says IBM’s IBM +0.01% Midmarket Business General Manager John Mason. “This is changing the landscape for small and midsize businesses by allowing them to focus on their own innovations and making them more competitive with larger, established companies.”

“Imagine a world that by 2020 will have 30 billion devices and eight billion people connected to networks generating 40 trillion gigabytes of data,” he says. “The hybrid cloud is going to be a vital ingredient to how we collect, analyze and store the vast amounts of data that will be generated by the Internet of Everything.”


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