How to Create a Killer Design for Your App

How to Create a Killer Design for Your App

How to Create a Killer Design for Your AppA new study from Kitewheel clearly indicates that today mobile apps are the fastest-growing channel of customer outreach and hold great potential for brands in 2016. However, Kitewheel also cautions us by saying that such mobile apps “will require a strong, real-time capability”. Below we discuss additional aspects a mobile app developer needs to consider when designing apps that win customers’ hearts and minds.

Color Scheme

First of all, you should determine what colors will have a beneficial impact on your customers and at the same time be associated with your brand. Next, carefully choose a secondary color, text and background colors, shades and shadows. Remember that color creates hierarchy, so use color shades and hues to help users distinguish between more important and less important elements. Like one fantastic article about designing creative mobile apps demonstrates, “If you make one button black, the next dark grey, and the third light grey, what you are in effect saying is this: “Button one is most important to the visitor, button 2 is less important, and button 3 is least important.”

Generally speaking, numerous online color palette generators like Adobe Color CC greatly assist app developers in this process. That being said, Snappii has created a number of killer ready color solutions themes so that you can make all these decisions in a matter of seconds.


Less text is usually more. Keep it short, clear, and consistent. Make sure your font choices complement the overall design. Ask yourself:

– Can I easily use it on mobile/web?

– Is there a variety of weights?

– Is it legible?

Overall most users cannot tell the difference between Arial, Avenir, Roboto, or Helvetica. That is why as long as your font is clean and easy to read, you have nothing to worry about a more sophisticated font when you’re focusing on brand and less on usability.

App Icon

Icon design is another key factor determining the visibility and, hence, popularity of your app in app stores. First of all, you should make sure it communicates the core essence of your app, clearly conveying the main functions it can perform. Second, it should be beautiful, easily-identifiable, memorable, but not overly complicated. Ideally, it should complement the overall design of the app and the brand. Scalability is another important consideration because the icon should maintain its legibility and clarity in a variety of sizes. Last but not least, try to think what would appeal to your users since their demographic, cultural, and professional characteristics can greatly affect their preferences.

Thanks to modern codeless app development platforms like Snappii’s, today the creation of app is a matter of minutes, not months. Snappii offers a variety of mobile solutions so that you have less to worry about. We hope that the above-mentioned recommendations and resources will further assist you in the process of creating unique and sought after apps.

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