Why Daily Reporting Matters and How Daily Log Reporting App Can Help with It

Why Daily Reporting Matters and How Daily Log Reporting App Can Help with It

Why Daily Reporting Matters and How Daily Log Reporting App Can Help with ItWhat exactly daily reporting provides

An efficient way to make employees more engaged with the company’s goals and increase their productivity is to implement a system of employees’ daily reporting. Such daily reports are documentation of a separate worker’s activities, accomplishments, and achievements in a given workday. They are usually standardized. Thanks to the information from daily reports, managers can have a better understanding of where their team members are, how to distribute workloads evenly and for better efficiency as well as to react immediately to any issues. In their turn, keeping a daily report, employees have a bigger picture of their progress, can plan their tasks more efficiently, and instantly notify managers about any important points.

Why paper-based reporting system is a bad choice

A paper-based system of daily reporting is not a good idea, especially in the current era of a variety of technology solutions. Paper-based reports require much time and effort to be created, submitted, and maintained. Moreover, this is far from the most reliable way. Paper is prone to damage and a large number of errors due to the human factor as it requires writing manually. Nowadays more and more companies of various industries and spheres of activity switch to technology method of daily reporting for the above and many other reasons.

The benefits of reporting apps

One of these technology solutions which is by far the most popular these days is mobile reporting apps. Such apps allow employees to create complete professional daily reports right on mobile devices and instantly submit them remotely. Besides the obvious advantages of convenience and speed, reporting apps can safely store all the reports and all specialists can always have them at hand. It is a real godsend from the legal aspect.

Why Daily Log Reporting app

Snappii is a provider of the best reporting apps. We try to find out and implement the most demanded requests of field workers. The Daily Log Reporting app is a pocket tool that will be useful for any worker. This app allows users to create daily reports in minutes. Fill in the pre-made mobile form and calculate the total hours. To work even faster managers/supervisors can create a database of employees and works to immediately select them from the list and pre-fill the report form. The Daily Log Reporting app is really easy to use and allows collecting information without Internet access. The completed form can be easily generated into the PDF report and submitted. Sync completed reports across multiple devices.

What’s new

We do not stop there and continue to improve the Daily Log Reporting app for you. Among the new features are:

– improved report layout;

– the ability to create a consolidated report;

– the ability to add workers right from your address book;

– the ability to search saved reports using a convenient date range option.

Hurry up to try all the features of the Daily Log Reporting app and improve your reporting process. The app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Contact the Snappii support team to discuss any app customization.

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