Improve Safety Inspections with Mobile Technology

Improve Safety Inspections with Mobile Technology

for blogWe all know how important it is for entrepreneurs to provide and comply with safety in the enterprise. No matter what industry your business belongs to, there are many things that need to be checked, and some several times a day, as one small oversight can lead to serious consequences.

The most common way to collect and share information is by using paper forms. Besides the fact that it is a time-consuming and expensive process, paperwork often associates with errors and inaccuracies unacceptable in safety inspections. Moreover, inspections with the subsequent filling of paper forms take a huge amount of time. Instead of solving important problems, employees spend time on reporting and searching necessary materials in the archives.

In this blog, we will tell you how the usage of mobile technology can help to conduct security inspections more efficiently, save hundreds of hours, get proven data in real time and avoid errors.

Mobile apps for safety inspections

Mobile technology has had a huge impact on the safety industry within the past few years. Today with mobile devices, employees can conduct safety inspections, collect all information and share it faster and more conveniently than ever before. Mobile apps for safety inspections allow specialists work in an area without the Internet connection. Many safety mobile apps let users quickly and easily generate regulatory reports, such as OSHA, for example Snappii’s OSHA Case Reporting app. Managers also can use mobile technology to reinforce their employees’ compliance with safety processes. In addition, mobile safety management apps allow safety professionals to easily track their companies’ reports, giving them increased visibility of their business’ operations.

As said before, paper inspections come with a host of issues, many of which could be leaving you at risk. Mobile apps for safety inspections provide Mobile Forms Solution and have a number of great advantages.

Mobile forms’ benefits for safety inspections

In fact, up to 11% of documents are misfiled or lost in paper offices. In addition to the loss of time, lost inspections jeopardize the safety of the entire enterprise. The transition to mobile forms ensures that each safety inspection is stored securely in the cloud. You can easily access all forms as a PDF or download them for your own databases in various form types. Snappii, a rapid mobile app development company, offers a unique mobile forms solution. Now you can import your existing PDF forms into the app, customize them and share in many ways. This way, you have more useful tools for your safety inspections.

Often, your employees conduct excellent inspections, but you can’t read their handwriting. Mobile apps with mobile forms allow you to gather information in a clear and easy to understand way.

In addition to simple text content, mobile forms, provided by such companies as Snappii, allow users to make automatic data and time stamps and have GPS capture of the locations. Users also can take photos, providing visual information to their inspections and insert signatures.

Safety will always be a crucial part of any enterprise’s work. Safety inspections have always been, are and will be, but today’s mobile safety apps can make this process easier and more effective, while  mobile forms can free you from paperwork, extra money and time costs.

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