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How Sign In Guest Book App Can Help Track Visitors and Mitigate Coronavirus Risk

How Sign In Guest Book App Can Help Track Visitors and Mitigate Coronavirus RiskSafety is a priority

The spread of Сoronavirus has escalated concerns when it comes to tracking and managing of offices’ and organizations’ visitors. The virus has made it crucial to limit face-to-face contacts and regulate the presence of a certain number of people in one premise. Today businesses are in dire need of a visitor registration solution as well as a way of their tracking and gathering information.

Track visitors and manage visits in a snap

The best tool to track visitors is mobile apps. It is a paperless solution that is always at hand to capture any details and generate necessary documentation. Snappii has such an app. Sign In Guest Book app is designed to keep track of visitors at reception and not only this. Manual filling out of tons of paper forms is not required. All necessary information and important details can be instantly added to a smart mobile form. The visitors can sign themselves and get a printed badge. The app saves and stores all visitors’ logs and allows them to sign out later by searching their names and date in the database. The admin panel of the Sign In Guest Book app allows users to:

– sign in/out visitors,

– get a history of visitors for any time range,

– upload Excel files with employees/companies to visit or manually add them via a form,

– sync information across multiple devices,

– create events, add information and upload attendees,

– track who has attended and who’s not,

– create consolidated reports,

– slice and dice the captured information,

– contact visitors via email or call them.

Let Sign In Guest Book app help you be more responsible

Keep all visits under control in this complicated period with the smart and multifunctional Sign In Guest Book app. Learn how the app works from this short video. Download and try it on iOS and Android devices. Also, read this information from the CDC about how to create a safe and healthy workplace for workers and clients.

Top Advantages of Mobile Apps in a Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a major component of many industries. Over the past decade, field specialists have made a step towards the technologies in respect of the work with data. However, laptops couldn’t provide necessary agility for collecting and processing data at the jobsite. Laptops are bulky and their most significant part is a keyboard. Field employees usually don’t need to type a lot, frequently they add the data into the pre-made forms. Moreover, you can’t use laptop for communication without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi. It forces you to constantly visit the office for data transfer. Due to these challenges, more and more modern specialists give up laptops in favor of mobile devices. Fortunately, nowadays mobile technology provides extremely powerful features. Convenient mobile forms can easily replace all documents and feature-rich apps allow users to process any data on the go, create professional reports, instantly share them and contact the office at any time. Here are some advantages of using mobile apps for work with data in the field.

Small size and big opportunities

Pocket-sized smartphones is a revolutionized substitution of bulky laptops. This is a so required mobility for modern field workers. Moreover, smartphones have very useful functions like audio, video, camera, GPS and more for complete work with different types of data. They remove the need to carry lots of expensive, specialist equipment.

A bridge between the field and the office

Mobile apps reduce the time needed to transfer data from the field to the office for data analysis. This speed of sharing data helps to make decisions quicker. Powerful mobile apps for fieldwork from Snappii, a leading business app development company, allow users not just to collect the data but instantly process it and create complete and absolutely professional reports. Snappii users can even use their existing forms and convert them into mobile forms in the app. As we know, time is money, so don’t lose your time driving.

Communicate even by photos

Beyond data sharing, mobile apps is the easiest way of quick communication to solve incidentally arising issues. Some apps allow users to use photos for such situations. For example, Construction Photos app from Snappii is a great tool to communicate with pictures. Snap a photo, draw on it, mark problem areas, add comments and share it with other specialists. Also, mobile apps can include a convenient chat for employees which significantly accelerates operations.

There are no more errors

Using paper brings the risk of errors, confusion and losses. Paper forms are unreliable in storage and require a lot of space. Mobile forms are a real sensation for modern businesses and especially for fieldwork. Digital format allows to speed up the filling in of the data, reduce errors and provides 24/7 access to all data right at the smartphone. Snappii offers a unique powerful platform to convert any forms in minutes. It’s extremely fast and easy due to the ready-made fields and lack of need of any programming skills. Anyone can try it with a free trial.

Eliminate cumbersome processes and optimize your fieldwork instantly with mobile apps and mobile forms from Snappii. We’ve helped thousands of companies in many industries. Bring your company into the digital age with us.

Snappii Releases New Construction Change Order App for Managing the Construction Sites

Snappii Releases New Construction Change Order App for Managing the Construction Sites

Now any company can afford to use a Mobile App to quickly create construction change order requests in the Field and ensure keep construction projects profitable. Continue reading “Snappii Releases New Construction Change Order App for Managing the Construction Sites” »

Top 4 Online Mobile Form Builders


The secret’s out. Mobile forms are beginning to pick up speed. What once was reserved for the top companies, like General Electric, is now accessible to anyone. DIY app online builders have made way for a more affordable, easier to manage system that can work for nearly any industry. Forms are so dispensable, that people are even using them for one-time events.

Because the industry is home to so many different online form editors, we thought we’d go over each of them.

The Top Mobile Form Builders

GoCanvas is a software service that enables businesses to replace expensive and inefficient paper forms with powerful apps on their smartphones and tablets. Canvas enables users to collect information using mobile devices, share that information and integrate them with existing backend systems.

pronto logo

ProntoForms is a mobile workflow solution to collect and analyze field data with phones and tablets. Users can easily capture data and submit complete and accurate forms from anywhere in real time, even offline.

Pronto’s Form editor is probably one of the nicer looking ones on the market. They also have the benefit of having connectors for a lot of the small business software out there.


Easily create secure online forms, landing pages, surveys & more with advanced optimization features to increase conversion rates. Formstacks beauty is in their simplicity. The form editor is great for first time users who are intimidated by the idea of creating their first form. They also provide great analytic tools akin to those of Google.


Snappii makes custom mobile apps utilizing as many forms as needed. Mobile forms can be of any complexity, collecting data such as audio, video, GPS and more. Because Snappii’s form editor is so robust, it can be used for nearly any industry.

Just like Pronto, Snappii has a ‘template’ catalog of ready-to-use apps for nearly every industry. From Fire Extinguisher inspection to Night Club Sign-in, Snappii’s catalog has been the result of years of working with businesses all across the globe.

Because Snappii is a mobile app developer, their forms can go beyond the capability of traditional mobile form editors. As your business grows, so will your needs. Snappii compensates for this by enabling users to add ‘features’ to their forms. These can include company-wide reminders, JS/HTML Plug-ins, PDF editors and more. Try out our app editor today and see for yourself.

Use Mobile Forms to Improve Efficiency

You want your business to run as smooth as possible.

With things like emails, push notifications and Skype, it’s easy to see how technology can help a business run more fluidly. Communication is key.

To speed up communication, businesses developed forms. Someone goes out and finds the data to fill into their paper form, sends it to someone else to enter it into a computer, the data gets analyzed by specialist. Inspection companies rely on their workers to go out and record data, submitting it at the end of the day to the boss. Pharmacies capture patient data when prescribing medication to make things easier for repeat customers. Forms can be found in almost any business.


Going from paper to mobile.

Forms that can be used on your smartphone (or mobile forms) were reserved for the top businesses that could afford them. Over the past few years, though, online form editors have become popular. Now, converting that paper form into a button on your smartphone is easy and cost-effective.

Picture your workers accessing their forms like this: They pull their company app up on their phone. They can search for the exact form needed for the job, fill it out directly from their phone and send it to any email. No paper or pens, no exchanging of papers. Supervisors won’t have to go shuffling through a mess of paper, and employees don’t have to carry anything other than their cellphone.


What else can mobile forms do?

Forms don’t all have to be about questions and numbers. With robust online editors, like Snappii, you can take your form from useful, to essential. Features you can add to your forms include:

  • File-upload
  • Record Video and Audio
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Geo-tracking, which allows you to track where your employees submitted the form.

Snappii is so easy to use, it’s fun. Creating mobile forms is as easy as snapping tiles together and changing a few parameters, like the whether you want last name first or first name last. Snappii even has a catalog of popular forms for nearly any industry. Within minutes, Snappii can have your custom form on your smartphone and fully functional (click here for a free 14-day trial).

Try it out today, and see why Snappii is the leader in mobile forms.

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