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4 Key Reasons to Use Fleet Maintenance Apps

4 Key Reasons to Use Fleet Maintenance AppsThe fleet is mobile by its very nature, so it needs the same mobile solution for inspections and maintenance. Today there are special mobile apps that help boost productivity and efficiency. Here are the key reasons the organizations using any vehicles should go mobile as part of their fleet maintenance strategy.

Rapidity and agility of work

Fleet maintenance apps provide inspectors, drivers and other specialists the ability to highlight any defects and problems in real-time. Thanks to synchronization and the cloud, any data becomes instantly available to all users on the system. This eliminates the delays associated with paperwork and data transfer. Maintenance specialists, technicians and repairmen get instant visibility of issues and can act immediately. This way, fleet maintenance apps contribute to more fast and optimized work.

Data accuracy

With a paper-based solution, the issues are recorded manually and are transferred to the office. Unfortunately, often handling paper associates with human errors. Moreover, the received data is added to the fleet maintenance system in the office. This process also often admits losses, errors and inaccuracies. Fleet maintenance apps eliminate these difficulties. They allow workers to operate with timely and as a consequence more accurate data. Also, pre-made mobile forms in such apps help avoid issues associated with handwriting.

Constant access to all data

In a paper-based fleet maintenance system, drivers and specialists have no instant access to previously reported issues. They have to do tremendous work with archives to identify any recurring problems and regularities. Fleet maintenance apps provide instant access to all available data and allow specialists to use it for analyzing and improvements.

Increased productivity

Fleet maintenance apps simplify many operations and provide specialists the opportunity to work smarter and more productive. They eliminate the routine, static character and extra effort. All of these contribute to better maintenance of the fleet while minimizing costs.

Snappii’s mobile solution for fleet maintenance

Snappii is one of the most powerful providers of business apps for various industries. Fleet maintenance is one of the fields we cover. Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app is the ready-made app we can offer for this area. The app is created to perform detailed inspections of various types of vehicles including heavy and not heavy ones. Its users are able to easily identify possible issues and breakings, report them to mechanics and ask for a quick repair. It is the most convenient and efficient way to keep the entire fleet in proper condition.

Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app allows users to:

– perform pre and post trips inspections,

– inspect both exterior and interior of vehicles,

– collect inspector’s information and dates,

– calculate mileage covered,

– check all functional parts and ensure that they are in good condition,

– report breakings to mechanics,

– work offline and online,

– take or upload pictures to report and prove issues,

– import existing fillable PDF forms to collect specific information,

– create PDF and Excel reports and email them,

– upload created reports to cloud drives or print them out.

Here is a short video of how the app works.

Download and try Inspect & Maintain Vehicles app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Need any app customization? Contact Snappii team to discuss it.


3 Tips to Improve Restoration Service Fleet Management and Maintenance

3 Tips to Improve Restoration Fleet Management and MaintenanceLike most industries, restoration is rapidly evolving. To meet growing customer demand, restoration companies must operate fast and thorough. Availability of proper-functioning and reliable restoration vehicles in such companies are crucial for appropriate and timely service. Therefore, it’s extremely important to effectively manage fleet maintenance and ensure all restoration vehicles are in good condition. Here are some tips to improve restoration fleet maintenance.

Standardize maintenance schedules

A solid maintenance starts with a good schedule. Some duties, such as checking and topping off the engine oil and filters as well as checking vital systems, etc. should be done regularly without omissions and delays. Today the most convenient and efficient format of schedules is mobile. With special mobile apps, managers can easily and quickly generate schedules, edit and share them. All workers are able to always have actual schedules at their hand and instantly notify about any important points.

Implement daily reporting

Fleet operators are the greatest resource when maintaining and detecting issues in restoration vehicles. They know them the best and are interested to keep them in good working order. Implement a daily reporting program to timely recognize and fix issues. And again it’s worth noting that the best way to do this is using the mobile apps. Special daily reporting apps can allow operators to fill out pre-made mobile forms and generate complete, professional reports right on their mobile devices anytime and anywhere. They are able to instantly share them with managers and other employees.

Organize data management

Ensure maximum visibility into your restoration fleet by clear management of all data. Having necessary data at the fingertips allows managers to analyze how efficiently the fleet is operating and how it influences the whole company. To make data more available and optimize its management, managers can digitize all documentation and store it in the cloud. It will provide fast and constant access all necessary information.

Snappii is able to streamline your restoration fleet management and maintenance. We create powerful custom apps for various industries and spheres for about 10 years. Snappii has earned the trust in the market thanks to its wide capabilities, fast turnaround time and ongoing support. Send us your requirements and let’s discuss how we can help your business.

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