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Power Line Inspections with Drones and Mobile Inspection Apps

Power Line Inspections with Drones and Mobile Inspection AppsThere are more than 3.5 million miles of power lines in the USA. They require regular inspection, which is a time-consuming and manual job. In addition there are unforeseen inspections, for example after storms. Nowadays power grid companies try to implement new technologies to optimize their job.

Drones are here to help

The consequences of hurricane Irma in Florida and Harvey in Texas have encouraged the aviation authorities (FAA – Federal Aviation Authority) allow the use of drones to assess and inspect damages. This contributed to faster restoring of power lines, and ensured workforce safety in dangerous areas.

Effective, convenient and safe

When it comes to occupational safety, the drones are unbeatable. Power lines are mostly inspected by observation from the ground using binoculars or by climbing. Also there are inspections by helicopter, however it is a complicated and expensive process. This way, work of industrial climbers is the most popular method. It always involves significant risks for life and health. Drones provide a clear advantage here. Climbing is no longer necessary for pure inspections.

The benefits of mobile inspection apps

In addition to development and implementation of drone technology, mobile software for work with received inspection data is also developing and spreading. Thanks to mobile inspection apps, specialists can easily collect any data, process and analyze it, manage the inspections and maintenance works, predict potential problems to prevent them and make better decisions, manage and store all necessary documentation and more.

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