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Why use Mobile apps for Building inspection and Maintenance

As the construction industry continues to advance, more and more companies are turning to mobile apps for building inspections and maintenance. While traditional paper-based inspection systems have their place, mobile forms offer many unique benefits that make them worth considering. Here, we’ll take a closer look at why using mobile apps for building inspection is becoming increasingly popular.

One of the major advantages of using a mobile app for building inspection and maintenance is the ability to go completely paperless. Paper-based systems can become cluttered and unorganized, making it difficult to locate relevant information quickly when needed. Mobile apps allow all inspection data to be stored in one easy-to-access location so it’s always readily available when needed.

In addition, having all of your data in one location makes it much easier to share with other stakeholders involved in the project. For example, certain aspects of an inspection report may need to be shared with the local government or any number of other agencies or organizations that are associated with a project. With a mobile app like Building maintenance, you can easily export all relevant documents to any number of recipients in just a few clicks — no tedious paperwork required!

Mobile apps also make it easier for inspectors themselves as they can fill out digital forms onsite without having to worry about filling out multiple sheets of paper or calculating measurements manually — which could lead to costly errors down the line if calculations are incorrect. Plus, since most digital forms are optimized for tablet screens (as well as smartphones) filling out documents on the spot can be done much more quickly than handwriting everything into paper forms. Also, since most quality control software offers automatic reporting capabilities such as automated emails and alerts when certain conditions fail or if regulatory thresholds have been exceeded — this helps speed up response times exponentially compared with manual checks that may take days or even weeks before they’re caught and reported on by an inspector manually going through paperwork by hand!

Finally, another major benefit of using mobile apps for building inspections is increased accountability throughout an entire team responsible for performing inspections while ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards set by governing bodies, such as OSHA (occupational safety & health administration). By having detailed records kept on each employee’s actions throughout an entire project, managers can proactively identify issues early before they become larger problems down the line — saving time and money in the long run!

Snappii has created many apps for building inspection and maintenance, such as Building maintenance, Fire Inspection, Commercial and Residential Building Inspection, HVAC Inspection checklist and others. These apps can be customized to meet the specific needs of any inspection business. Contact Snappii to see the app demo and ways they will benefit your building inspection business.

As you can see from these points above there are plenty of reasons why using a modernized mobile app rather than traditional paper-based processes makes sense when it comes to carrying out accurate building inspections and maintenance tasks efficiently while reducing costs overall — which is what every organization wants after all! So if your company isn’t utilizing this sort of technology yet, then consider giving mobile apps for building inspection a try today — you won’t regret making this upgrade!

Facilities Management Data and the Best Way to Work with It

Facilities Management Data and the Best Way to Work with ItThe formal practice of facility management has been around since the 1970s. Today there are 2 types of facility maintenance workers: the facility manager and the maintenance technician. Technicians are responsible for building walkthroughs, preventive maintenance, and repairs. Among facilities managers’ duties are: maintaining safe, comfortable, and useful environments, work with building assets, exploring of their impact, strategic tasks and more. These responsibilities are constantly evolving.

Why collect facility management data?

Data is critical for facility managers to understand where the facilities management processes and procedures stand, in which direction to move to improve them and to measure these actions. In general, data and analytics set the stage to better facilities management.

The key types of data to use

While there is a huge number of data to consider, some metrics will provide more insight. Here are some of them:

– Work order response time. This is both a diagnostic data and a prescriptive one. This data contributes to avoiding delays and optimizing repair works.

– Repair cost. The data of average repair costs is useful when planning yearly facility maintenance budgets. This contributes to more rational and cost-effective use of funds.

– Energy cost. Energy is a big cost for facilities. The data of usual energy costs and usage helps optimize and save the related expenditures in facilities.

– Space occupancy. This data allows facility managers to understand existing space utilization and how to better manage the space.

The benefits of mobile apps

To make the work with data easier and more efficient, modern facility managers refer to special mobile apps. These apps allow users to collect, manage and analyze all data right on a mobile device. Among the main benefits are:

– Timely and more accurate data.

– Agility and the opportunity to work with data right in the field

– Better instant communication and the opportunity to share all data without face to face interaction

– The opportunity to generate various reports and store them with constant access.

Snappii is the top business app development company. We are ready to create a custom app for fast, simple and efficient work with any facility management data. Send us your requirements to discuss.

Moreover, Snappii offers the ready-made Building Maintenance app, which can be useful for any facility manager. This app is designed to help organize and manage maintenance inspections of buildings. Also users are able to evaluate conditions of functional areas and create building service orders. Download Building Maintenance app to try. It is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Feel free to contact us to discuss the customization of this app.

The Most Important Points to Know about Home Inspections

Why home inspections are essential

Proper and regular home inspections can help make the most of your property. Home inspection is essential in gathering all the valuable information for right maintenance and life extension of the facility. Also it is the way to know whether the house is safe or not and the opportunity to avoid unexpected and expensive surprises. Here is what any homeowner should know about home inspections.

Home inspection covers the following areas:

– house structure and framing,

– roof,

– electrical,

– plumbing,


– exterior and interior.

Professional home inspection before selling or buying a house will naturally require a specialist services. While the expert is doing the inspection on your property, you should be involved in the process.

What about the time

The time of home inspection may differ from one property to another. Basically it depends on a property size. In case you use the services of a specialist, the time to prepare a report will be required. However, the reports are useful even if you conduct inspections yourself. An average inspection takes around 3 to 4 hours. Special inspection apps can significantly accelerate this process, as well as simplify and optimize it.

The best inspection apps for improvement and optimization

Snappii offers 2 apps which will be quite helpful for inspection of property and facilities. Building Inspection app is ideal pocket tool to perform house inspections. It covers fire prevention, building maintenance, storage, occupancy, heating and electrical systems, housekeeping, exterior, etc. Thanks to this inspection app, anyone can easily and quickly capture all necessary data and put it in pre-made mobile forms. Moreover, users are able to visualize building inspections on a map. Completed inspection forms can be instantly accessed, edited, stored and emailed. Another smart mobile tool is Building Maintenance app. This app is a perfect assistant in organization of maintenance inspection. Building Maintenance app allows users to add multiple details to the database, including personal information, timestamp, geo location, pictures and more. The data can be synced across multiple devices. Also app users are able to generate PDF and Excel reports on the base of completed inspection forms.

Both apps eliminate paperwork and make inspections faster and more organized. Snappii can create your own custom inspection app or use your existing inspection forms and convert them to their mobile analogue. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

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