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4 Common Mistakes of Construction Project Estimation and How to Improve This Process

4 Common Mistakes of Construction Project Estimation and How to Improve This ProcessConstruction is a tricky and multitask business. It is significantly important to manage all the processes wisely not to miss a single moment and ensure a smooth workflow. Talking about the initial stages of the project lifecycle, it is worth noting such a task as an estimation. Most contractors make common mistakes with the estimation process that lead to cost overruns and delayed project deliveries. Let’s consider them in more detail.


Stress and haste are common in projects with deadlines. However, neglecting the research part of estimation and jumping to rapid conclusions could lead to drastic complications at the later stages. Contractors should be more responsible in this task and spare no time to estimate carefully.

Relying on previous projects

What has worked for past successful projects may not always be the best solution in the future. Contractors should understand that one strategy could not be used for another project and they shouldn’t base their estimates on how it was for the previous ones. Also, they shouldn’t base on how the competitors do this. First of all, estimation should reckon with unique challenges and opportunities associated with the particular project.

Failing to assess risks

Every construction project comes with risks. A risk assessment should be the part of estimating process. It may make sense to refuse the project initially if it is too risky. Failing to assess risks and build in contingencies can be detrimental.

Poor awareness

Understanding the current market trends is critical for accurate construction estimates. It is crucial to be up-to-date with the cost of materials, current labor pool, new policies, and regulations, etc. Contractors should research and understand the present state of the market.

Why Construction Estimator app deserves the attention of modern contractors

Taking into account all of the above and avoiding these mistakes, contractors can achieve significant heights in construction project estimation. Also, they can improve and optimize this process with a special mobile app. Snappii offers the Construction Estimator app to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. The app contains the pre-made mobile form that can be filled in in a snap. Moreover, users can add photos as well as identify GPS locations. The Construction Estimator app does all the calculations, so once all the data is entered in, the user will get the total estimated project cost. The completed estimate form can be previewed as a PDF as well as shared via email, network drives and more. The clients can be imported from the address book or Excel file.

Watch a short demo of how the Construction Estimator app works. Download the app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Estimating and Quoting Software for Construction Projects

Estimating and Quoting Software for Construction ProjectsWhat estimator wouldn’t want to quote construction projects faster and easier? This way, to optimize this process, save time and money, modern estimators, contractors and other specialists implement special mobile technology for estimating and quoting.

What is construction estimating software

Construction estimating software is a pocket mobile tool, gaining immense popularity, and designed to streamline and improve the process of creating cost, material, and labor estimates for various construction projects and operations. The, estimating, quoting and bidding processes are all very closely interconnected. It’s common for some software to span all these activities. Also all estimating and quoting software provides different packages of specific features, so user should keep this in mind, when certain features are critical.

Why it is useful

Estimating and quoting apps are a real time saver. Pre-made mobile forms allow users to collect data and fill in estimation forms in a snap, anytime and anywhere. No need to fill in the forms manually, transfer documentation, adjust any form to the standard, constant maintain file storages and more. Estimating and quoting apps contribute to increased accuracy, reliability and agility. Estimating becomes a process with minimal effort and great time savings.

Construction Estimator app from Snappii

Snappii helps construction companies make their operations easier and more efficient for about 10 years. Construction Estimator app is one of our top ready-made apps, which is successfully used by different specialists. This app allows users to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. Among the main features of the app are:

– the opportunity to import clients from the address book or Excel file;

– the opportunity to quantify material, labor and other costs and fill in the pre-made form;

– the opportunity to make necessary calculations and show a customer the total estimated cost in labor, parts, and the grand total;

– the opportunity to transform voice to text and avoid typing;

– the opportunity to preview the estimate as a PDF;

– the opportunity to share the estimate with anyone via email, Facebook, network drives and other sharing options available on device;

– the opportunity to store all the data locally on the device.

Construction Estimator app is available in Apple App Store as well as in Google Play. Snappii team is open to discuss any customization of the app to meet your specific needs. You can contact us here.

4 Reasons to Refuse Manual Estimating of Construction Projects

4 Reasons to Refuse Manual Estimating of Construction ProjectsFor many years, construction companies relied on paper-based and manual method of estimating. However, this outdated approach has now been replaced by technology. Estimating software with digital data has become an essential tool of a successful construction project. If you’re still relying on outdated method, it may significantly affect your business from a financial, reputational, and efficient standpoint. Here are the major ways manual estimating can hurt your construction projects.

Project slowdown and waste of time

Rational use of time helps free up resources for tackling more projects. Unfortunately, manual estimating significantly slows down the project. The limited ability to communicate with the entire team on site, instantly receive important information like price fluctuations, implement changes, etc. stretch out estimating process and influence the entire project timelines.

Poor and limited data access

Manual estimating limits your access to all data. It’s extremely time-consuming to refer to past projects for any analogy and tendency. Such limited information on projects and insights hinders learning from previous mistakes and boosting efficiency.

Errors and inaccuracies

Using paper forms and spreadsheets could greatly increase human errors and inaccuracies. Manual estimating is subject to it and contributes to decrease of project accuracy.

Higher project costs

Dependent on manual estimating contributes to incurring higher project costs. Such manual system requires additional expenses on paperwork and reconciling all documents, as well as limits agility and efficiency.

Modern skilled workers are already aware of the limitations, mentioned above and understand how frustrating and inefficient manual estimating is. This is why any construction company should leverage modern mobile estimating solutions.

Smart mobile solution from Snappii

Snappii is happy to present our ready-made Construction Estimator app. This app is designed for contractors, service companies, salespeople and estimators to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. Fill in required details, calculate cost in labor, material, subcontract and the grand totals of the estimates, include taxes, generate PDF forms of the estimates and share them, store all the data locally on the device and more. Watch this video to learn how Construction Estimator app works. Download and try the app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Save time, avoid errors, increase accuracy and win more work with the best estimating software.

How Field Service Companies Can Optimize Profit Management

If you provide any service, you have to deal with the cash flow. Modern mobile solutions can help you optimize profit management. Invoicing, work assigning, estimation, scheduling and more, all these activities can be done with a proper mobile app. Such business app will allow your daily operations to run without interruption and get a stable flow of profits. Let’s consider it in more detail.

Instant and accurate estimation and bidding

Workers receive requests for a new job and should transfer them to the office for processing. It takes time, and time is money. Estimating and bidding app allows any worker to contact sales or management department lightning fast, provide all necessary details and instantly get estimates and invoices. Accurate and fast organization eliminates delays and streamlines the process. Also it affects the positive image of your business and contributes to the service promotion.

Optimized workforce and profit management

Estimating and bidding apps are also a useful tool for sales and management departments. They can manage profit flow and workforce, making instant timely estimates, knowing who created the quote, tracking the progress of work and possible order and payment changes. The apps allow specialists to keep all the business under constant control without extra efforts and costs. Moreover, estimating and bidding apps are able to optimize reporting. It is the most convenient, flexible and safely way to keep all reporting data, which is always available and at hand.

Streamline on-site operations with Construction Estimator and Bidding app

Snappii, a mobile business app development company, helps improve daily business operations of various services and companies from different industries. Estimation, invoicing and bidding are among the main processes Snappii tries to streamline. For example, we have designed the all-in-one Construction Estimator and Bidding app to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. The app allows users to quantify material, labor and other costs needed to complete a construction project. Also users can do all the calculations right in the app. Completed estimate forms can be sent to the customer and manager as PDFs. Construction Estimator and Bidding app is 100% customizable as all Snappii apps. You send us your requirements and we discuss app customization to meet all your specific needs.

Create mobile app for estimation and invoicing in a snap

Some time ago, Snappii decided to empower a common person in mobile technology and provide people an opportunity to generate mobile apps on a base of digital forms themselves. Now anyone even without special tech skills can create mobile form apps. There are some easy steps: to pick a form template or upload your own existing PDF form or report, drag and drop necessary fields to the form, download Snappii Mobile Forms app to preview the form and start using it. It has never been so easy. Snappii offers pre-made estimate and invoice mobile forms to immediately fill them out. What takes 2-3 hours each day now can be done in several minutes.

“I get a new form up and running in no time and it saves us hundreds of man hours when it comes time to audit our safety program.” Curtis Hrdlicka, GLV Travellers

“Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it.” Steven Koski, Harold Brothers Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Join Snappii successful customers right now. Have any questions? Contact us at

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