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3 Tips to Motivate the Employees to Fill in and Submit Timesheets

3 Tips to Motivate the Employees to Fill in and Submit TimesheetsFilling out timesheets is a major challenge among employees, especially working in the field. However, whatever the reason of this process, whether it’s to be specific rules compliant or to better understand the efficiency of workflow, the end result is the same – all employees should get on board, track their time and deal with timesheets. Sometimes a team may need a kick of motivation to inspire them to submit their timesheets in a proper way and on time. Here are some tips that could come in handy.

Explain the purpose and benefits

One of the main steps towards motivating the employees is explaining them why it’s important. Make a focus on the benefits it brings to them personally. For example, clear time tracking methods contribute to more efficient work, increased productivity and profit. Whatever the reasons and benefits, communicate them to your team and implicate employees in achieving better results.

Keep it short and simple

When an employee uses 30 minutes or more to complete a timesheet, he or she gets frustrated and the company loses time that would be better spent on more useful activities. Keeping the process short and simple will be doing the employees a favor as well as the entire business. Avoid too fine granularity and keep it to the bare essentials.

Automate the process

Automation makes various processes easier and more optimized. Automation of work with timesheets will streamline the process, save time for your staff and will ultimately make the business more efficient. Nowadays more and more companies implement mobile timesheets and special apps. They allow employees to complete and submit timesheets in a snap, anytime and anywhere. This accurate and timely data lead to improvement of the entire workflow.

Snappii is the best assistant in automation of various processes. We are able to convert any existing paper form or report to mobile app. Get started with your timesheets or any other forms. Send them to us here and get a free quote.

Improve Time Management and Work Hours Tracking with Snappii Apps

Improve Time Management and Work Hours Tracking with Snappii AppsPaper timesheets and time cards have got a bad reputation – they are inconvenient to fill in, lead to confusions, mistakes, waste of time and money. But the truth is that time tracking is essential for businesses. It helps assess the accuracy of workflow, the effectiveness of all employees and allows business owners and managers to find out the ways of process optimization and increase of the revenue.

Why you need timesheet and time tracking mobile apps

Timesheet and time tracking mobile apps can become the best solution. They allow your team members to add work time, punch in and out, as well as have an accurate timesheet with all changes at hand. In turn, managers are able to keep all employees on track, easily create timesheets and share them, make instant changes, view and print time reports for projects and track the workload. This way, timesheet and time tracking mobile apps can replace piles of paper, efforts and special employees.

Fast and convenient work hours tracking and not only

Snappii offers 2 powerful timesheet and time tracking mobile apps: Timesheet Manager app and Punch In/Out Timesheet app.

Timesheet Manager app is specifically designed to easily track working hours of employees. The app users are able to create projects and assign employees to each project. There is an opportunity to start multiple projects simultaneously. Timesheet Manager app allows users to create weekly timesheets with work hours and break minutes and also notify supervisors about projects’ statuses. All forms can be generated to the report.

Punch In/Out Timesheet app enables anybody to track their time for any project or job code and generate a professional time card which can be emailed. Users punch in and out on their mobile devices and optionally add breaks and details. Managers can analyze time spent on projects with the Dashboard. Punch In/Out Timesheet app generates a convenient time card report that is stored on the device, can be shared via cloud drives, emailed or printed.

These timesheet and time tracking mobile apps are used by 10,000+ employees and managers to improve time management and create instant reports right from their mobile devices. Download the apps right now from the app stores.

Timesheet Manager app: iOS, Android

Punch In/Out Timesheet app: iOS, Android

Contact us to discuss any customization.

A Unique Time Tracking App to Instantly Increase Productivity

Tracking work hours on a daily basis can become a real headache for employees. Lost employee paper time cards and mistakes are often the norm. Moreover, such time card is not a reliable way to understand how much real time has been spent. Managers have to hunt out work hours of each employee, process this information and generate the reports. This task may even require a separate job position.

Punch In/Out Timesheet app is a must-have tool of any modern employee

Nowadays, thanks to mobile solutions all employees have the easiest way to track their working hours with their mobile devices anytime from anywhere. Today, Snappii is pleased to announce its new and unique Punch In/Out Timesheet app. The app allows employees and managers to eliminate paper time cards and optimize work time management. By using the Punch In/Out Timesheet app employees can punch in and punch out, add breaks and descriptions with one button click. This significantly saves time and helps improve the workflow. Moreover, after punching out you get the time card with all the details, it can be easily shared by email or other way. The app saves all the shifts enabling users to instantly generate timecard reports.

Get huge benefits from one small app

By making you always in touch about how you and your employees use the work time, Punch In/Out Timesheet app can:

– improve your productivity,

– arrange the documentation,

– increase efficiency and optimize the workflows,

– save time,

– avoid overwork,

– reduce costs.

Punch In/Out Timesheet app is available for free download from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Your successful experience is our top priority

“We offer a powerful mobile time tracking app for employees who work on site or change their locations often. Using the devices they already have, your employees can track their work time quickly and easily. Employees can punch in and out on their mobile devices anywhere, add breaks and details, generate powerful reports and send them to the management or accounting, analyze their progress with the Dashboard and more”. Alex Bakman, Snappii CEO says, “We have over 200 apps in the Apple and Google Stores and are working hard to improve our top apps. Timesheets and time card apps are on demand today, so we are working hard to deliver the best apps to help business people track their employees’ time”.

Snappii is a leading mobile business apps company. All our apps are 100% customizable and this is our main advantage. Any app can be modified according to the specific needs. Snappii provides the speed and high quality of work. About 500,000 people use Snappii business apps in 30+ industries around the world. A significant number of happy customers agree on our high professionalism and real benefits it can bring to your business. Check our gallery of business app. And we are always here to get your special requirement and create the best custom app for your work just in a few weeks.

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