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The Right Priorities and Focus While Looking for the Field Mobile Solutions

The Right Priorities and Focus While Looking for the Field Mobile SolutionsJobsites are the places, where a project’s most important data is generated and the main activity takes place. The field provides the most critical assets a company can have. For a long time there was a gap in the flow of communication between the field and the office due to the office-focused technology solutions. Fortunately, nowadays field-oriented mobile apps actively appear. However, it is extremely important to choose the right mobile solution for the field workflow. Here are some tips for it.

Simple and to the point

The traditional paperwork has long been proven to be inefficient in the field, but mobile apps can waste just as much time if they are not built in a proper way and with the end user in mind. If the app is not intuitive for the field, or overloaded, no one out there on the jobsite will have any opportunity or interest in using it, so the investment will turn out to be a waste. It is quite important to find the balance between the power and simplicity of the app. The functionality should be developed due to the actual requirements of the field specialists and clear to use. Clear and helpful app is a right way to a rise of productivity.

Keeping all parts of the workflow on the “same page”

Synchronization is critical to choose a field solution. The app should tie together data from all field professionals of all jobsites. When every worker uses a different system for work with data and reporting, it is difficult for managers to keep track of data and the whole workflow. The best field apps offer a synced system, so that all information is submitted in one place, and data is accessible at any time.

Specific features

Mobile apps for a field workflow should contain specific features. For example, frequently, field workers don’t have opportunity to type. This way, voice-to-text feature becomes an inalienable component of the field app. Find more other required features for field work here.

Snappii puts needs of field workers at the first place and offers the intuitive, easy-to-use field operation apps. We try to focus on the needs of the end users and provide exactly what they need for efficient and smooth work. You can find and try Snappii’s ready-made apps here. Also we are able to create a custom app in accordance with your specific needs. Just send us your requirements. Don’t settle for less and increase your efficiency, as well as the efficiency of your business.

Mobile Solutions for Field Service Companies: a Step to Grow the Business

Field service organizations are constantly searching for ways to make their staff more efficient, provide better service to their customers and increase profits. This way, they have begun to recognize the importance of integrating mobility solutions into their workflow. Mobility allows field-based companies, such as HVAC, construction, utility, plumbing, property management, etc. to improve communications and provide accurate, timely data and fast response. Moreover, mobile technology enables extending work with data beyond the confinement of the office.

Optimization of communication and work with data

Lack of real-time information is one of the main issues, modern field service organizations face with. Task assigning, reporting of their statuses and any troubles, various assignments and changes need a constant link between the field and management department. Mobile technology provides constant communication as well as the optimization of the data transfer. Modern field service mobile apps allow users to assign tasks, collect data, generate various reports and more right on a smartphone from anywhere. All data can be synced and instantly shared. It contributes to the timely, accurate and current data, and consequently influences the whole workflow and its productivity.

Equipment maintenance and inspections on a smartphone

Various equipment is a part of daily operations of field service organizations. Its proper working condition needs constant maintenance. Special field service mobile apps allows workers to conduct fast and convenient equipment inspections right at the jobsite. Instant getting and orderly storage of inspection data contribute to the streamlined and safety workflow.

Customer confidence and growth

Customer demand and expectation makes the future of your company. Due to field service mobile apps, workers have the ability to respond to assigned tasks promptly, solve issues and perform tasks on time. These significantly improve the customer experience and satisfaction. The technicians with mobile devices and special smart software are viewed as more professional and reliable by customers. This way, besides the ability to improve and optimize various work activities, field service mobile apps contribute to attraction of more customers and, consequently, increase of the revenue.

Start the growth with Snappii

Technology is imperative for companies to develop and rise their success. Snappii, a mobile business app development company, offers the foundation for growth to any field service businesses. We provide powerful and multifunctional mobile solutions for different field service businesses. Contact us before adopting a field service mobility solution for your organization, and we will advise the best way specifically for your organization. You can start from our ready-made solutions and request their customization if necessary, or we will create your personal field service mobile app from scratch.

This is an example of tasks Snappii works with

Vision Elevators is one of our successful customers. Here are the main business reasons they needed to address:

  1. To collect better information from customer sites so that more proactive maintenance services could be offered to clients
  2. Timesheets to keep the employees honest

You can find more information about this project here.

Snappii provides the final product in weeks, not months. We save your time and money. Start getting efficient from each work operation.

Top Advantages of Mobile Apps in a Fieldwork

Fieldwork is a major component of many industries. Over the past decade, field specialists have made a step towards the technologies in respect of the work with data. However, laptops couldn’t provide necessary agility for collecting and processing data at the jobsite. Laptops are bulky and their most significant part is a keyboard. Field employees usually don’t need to type a lot, frequently they add the data into the pre-made forms. Moreover, you can’t use laptop for communication without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi. It forces you to constantly visit the office for data transfer. Due to these challenges, more and more modern specialists give up laptops in favor of mobile devices. Fortunately, nowadays mobile technology provides extremely powerful features. Convenient mobile forms can easily replace all documents and feature-rich apps allow users to process any data on the go, create professional reports, instantly share them and contact the office at any time. Here are some advantages of using mobile apps for work with data in the field.

Small size and big opportunities

Pocket-sized smartphones is a revolutionized substitution of bulky laptops. This is a so required mobility for modern field workers. Moreover, smartphones have very useful functions like audio, video, camera, GPS and more for complete work with different types of data. They remove the need to carry lots of expensive, specialist equipment.

A bridge between the field and the office

Mobile apps reduce the time needed to transfer data from the field to the office for data analysis. This speed of sharing data helps to make decisions quicker. Powerful mobile apps for fieldwork from Snappii, a leading business app development company, allow users not just to collect the data but instantly process it and create complete and absolutely professional reports. Snappii users can even use their existing forms and convert them into mobile forms in the app. As we know, time is money, so don’t lose your time driving.

Communicate even by photos

Beyond data sharing, mobile apps is the easiest way of quick communication to solve incidentally arising issues. Some apps allow users to use photos for such situations. For example, Construction Photos app from Snappii is a great tool to communicate with pictures. Snap a photo, draw on it, mark problem areas, add comments and share it with other specialists. Also, mobile apps can include a convenient chat for employees which significantly accelerates operations.

There are no more errors

Using paper brings the risk of errors, confusion and losses. Paper forms are unreliable in storage and require a lot of space. Mobile forms are a real sensation for modern businesses and especially for fieldwork. Digital format allows to speed up the filling in of the data, reduce errors and provides 24/7 access to all data right at the smartphone. Snappii offers a unique powerful platform to convert any forms in minutes. It’s extremely fast and easy due to the ready-made fields and lack of need of any programming skills. Anyone can try it with a free trial.

Eliminate cumbersome processes and optimize your fieldwork instantly with mobile apps and mobile forms from Snappii. We’ve helped thousands of companies in many industries. Bring your company into the digital age with us.

Snappii Makes the Most Compelling Offer in the Industry for Companies with Field Workers to Replace Paper Based Processes with Mobile Apps

Field Employees get over 200+ Apps for only $15 per user

Snappii, a leading Mobile Business Apps company, offering Business Process Automation and Field Reporting Apps used predominantly in Construction, Inspection, Delivery and Work Order management, has Continue reading “Snappii Makes the Most Compelling Offer in the Industry for Companies with Field Workers to Replace Paper Based Processes with Mobile Apps” »

Must Have Solution for Work in the Field

Must Have Solution for Work in the Field

Mobile apps have a place in nearly every industry. In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the benefits of having an app for workers in the field, especially those who work with data. Another important feature that an app can provide is instant communication across many employees, which can be extremely useful in emergencies. While preventing disasters can be difficult, mobile solutions can help to mitigate some of the impact of such an event.

Instant reaction in a few clicks

Field employees often are limited in their communication to the head office. In case of an incident, workers need to manage their time efficiently in order to inform the Emergency Situation Department in a proper form and time. Mobile apps allow employees to instantly make necessary notifications, along with geo-locations, in a few taps. The app can have emergency checklists that employees are able to quickly fill out in pre-made mobile forms on their own smartphones. The reports will be logged and archived so that their always available, can be instantly updated and shared. This type of technology can be used in a multitude of other ways like pushing announcements out or planning a company event.

Take over the creation of the best app

With today’s robust app-building platforms, managers can easily take care of field employees while creating an app that will meet their specific requirements. Snappii, a leader in the business mobile app solution, offers anyone to create a powerful app for any operation. Zero-code app builders enables people without any programming skills to build apps in as little as a few clicks by utilizing one of the 400+ pre-made apps. Our support team is also on-board to help you with any question, or conduct training to use the platform if necessary. 1 million people already use apps built on Snappii’s App Builder. Join us today!

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