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Catch a taxi!

for blogTaxi-is the way of social transportation for passengers and their luggage. Most experienced taxi drivers who have been working in the same city or region for a while would be expected to know the most important streets and places where their customers request to go. However, to aid the process of manual navigation and the taxi driver’s memory (and the customer’s as well at times) a cab driver is usually equipped with a detailed roadmap of the area in which they work Continue reading “Catch a taxi!” »

How to make your business mobile

for blogNowadays there are more than 5 billion mobile users. It doesn`t matter what business you have, there is no doubt that you`ll have to make it mobile. Especially, considering that most people around the world still haven’t made the transition to smartphones, this growth isn`t going to stop. Mobile technologies change not only our social life but also the way we work and live.
It`s rather easy to convince that your Continue reading “How to make your business mobile” »

Do you know your customers well?

for blogIt`s a rather interesting business process if you have to communicate with customers or clients. But when does this communication start?

Everything that you do for your business earlier or later will lead to a better communication with a customer. Every process must be turned to client`s needs and goals. It`s one of the key to success. You should know your customer well. Continue reading “Do you know your customers well?” »

Are we coming to an end of paper?

for blogForest gives us plenty of paper non-stop every day. It seems that paper never ends. We go to a shop, buy a new batch of paper, write, send and dispose it. Several years ago the usage of paper was much more often. But think…we read news at the beginning of the working day, books in metro, send reports, receipts and emails on mobile devices. There is an era of high technology; the paper usage will not be worth it in several years or even months. Continue reading “Are we coming to an end of paper?” »

Great Coffee Finder Mobile App for Starbucks

for blogSnappii Introduces Great Coffee Finder for Starbucks mobile app. The app is specially designed for coffee-lovers and people often looking for a way to satisfy their caffeine craving. The app stores all the US Starbucks locations and shows the nearest ones to its users.

You will see all the Starbucks locations within the radius of 25 miles both as pins on the map and listed. You can easily get directions from where you are to the selected Starbucks location, learn the details about each café and shop, check its contact information, make calls right from the app and more! The Menu is also included to the app, so you see the full range of the products before coming to the café. Continue reading “Great Coffee Finder Mobile App for Starbucks” »

10 Business Apps To Make Your Day at Work

for blogBusiness is an economic activity, which is related to continuous and regular production and distribution of goods and services for satisfying human needs.

Business people can engage the development of several companies, turn to various spheres of activity and methods of producing profits. Continue reading “10 Business Apps To Make Your Day at Work” »

QR- Codes For Inventory Management

for blogThe history of QR-codes starts from Japan. The Japanese, like no other, actively used bar codes at certain time, but due to the small amount of memory, in some time, these codes were simply not enough.

The Japanese company «Denso-Wave» introduced QR-code to the technological world in 1994, after a number of experiments to develop coding methods in graphical form. Then a new way of coding information has Continue reading “QR- Codes For Inventory Management” »

7 reasons your restaurant needs a mobile app

for blogMobile mobile business mobile business apps become more and more popular nowadays. Practically every person has and uses a favorite app in everyday life. And it`s not a secret that business’ improvement happens due to a such modern technology.  A great number of mobile business mobile business apps were created for each industry and everyone can choose more suitable for them.  Let`s talk about restaurant business.

If you are an owner of a restaurant, sushi store or pizza you really need to have a special created app for it.  Getting a mobile app leads to serious revenue for your business.  Continue reading “7 reasons your restaurant needs a mobile app” »

Rob Manley, MCDL President

I wanted to thank everyone at Snappii for your tremendous assistance in building our Mill City Dart League App. We couldn’t have launched this app, the world’s 1st ever true mobile app for a steel tip dart league, without a great company and product like yours behind us. We are the 2nd largest steel tip league in the U.S. with 1,200 players and 146 teams and we needed an app that could be a single point for a wealth of information and player tools. Most importantly, we needed a cost effective and easy platform that allowed us to launch our app in both the Android and Apple stores. This app is already turning heads in the US and internationally and as Mill City continues to expand our league and our app, we are confident that the Snappii platform will easily scale to our needs.

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