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Why Enterprise Mobile App Development is About to Grow

Small, mid-sized, and large companies are always seeking ways to improve their business workflow. Today many businesses are facing the need to speed up decision making, avoid office trips, and better control teamwork and communication. These needs can be easily addressed with an enterprise mobile app. According to Fliplet, 66% of companies are expected to increase their investments into enterprise mobile app development in the next three years. Look at the figures below (source: SPD.GROUP)

87% of CIOs and IT professionals realize that mobility will impact their business.

67% of companies realize they need their employees to access enterprise mobile apps using personal devices (BYOD model)

34% of work productivity is increased when using enterprise mobile apps.

Understanding the importance of mobile apps, many enterprises are struggling to figure out how to meet this demand with limited resources and time. The vast majority of in-house programming staff is not experienced in mobile applications and the learning curve is steep. Hiring experienced programmers presents difficult challenges due to high demand, deficient supply, and costly salaries.


Snappii offers a flexible solution that will fit most businesses. Snappii has 10+ years of experience in mobile app development and deployment.

Using Snappii Mobile App Building Platform Enterprises can:

  • Use in-house programming staff without having to retrain them on Objective-C and Java technologies
  • Build native, high performance, and secure apps in days, not weeks or months
  • Exercise greater project control by keeping mobile app development in-house
  • Leverage company employees who understand the business

Snappii has a passionate support team that will help anyone reach their app-building goals and ideas. You can schedule a free training or request a demo to see the platform’s capacities. Contact us for either option.

Don’t want to DIY? Challenge us to build you an enterprise mobile app! Send your requirements here.

The Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Enterprise Mobile Apps

The Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Enterprise Mobile AppsIn the past years, businesses and individual specialists have been successfully adopting mobile technologies. Mobile apps are now a part of everyday personal as well as business life. Every enterprise is trying to mobilize their existing systems, employees and activities to amplify their efficiency, cut expenses, generate more revenue and grow the business. To give mobile enterprise apps the best chance of success, there are major pitfalls to avoid.

Understanding the app users

One of the fundamental error businesses make is the implementation of the app without talking to the people who will use it.  Today there are enterprise apps with significant narrow focus. It is essential to observe all the details for maximum benefit. Before starting to create an app, businesses should ask the employees “What’s the right app for this field of activity? What tasks it should solve and what improvements and simplifications it should bring “, reproduce the work plan taking into account the use of the app Companies must avoid the assumption that they know what is needed and enter into the dialogue with their employees, they know their own needs best.

The app UX

The underlying concept of a mobile app is different from a desktop app. User interface and navigation of any enterprise app should be worked out in this regard. Frequently such apps are used in the field. The interface must be simpler and more user-friendly. It is necessary to pay attention to such features as voice-to-text and autofilling. A lot of technical aspects of the applications should be taken into account. Maximiliano Firtman, director of training firm ITMaster and author of books about app development, notes an example. When you press the home button on the phone, your previous app stops. If an app needs to do something continuously, like monitor a GPS position, it has to create a background process. But background processes can burn through power. And you want your users to have a phone with battery life that lasts the whole day. This way businesses should beware of background processes.


When it comes to security, unfortunately all enterprise apps are at risk. Nonetheless there some areas to focus on to avoid the most common security failures. Mobile security starts with the device itself.  iOS and Android operating systems require a separate approach for hardening the device. Learn the security features of your device based on this. However simply controlling the mobile device itself doesn’t protect the data that the device accesses, transmits and stores. Also you should pay attention to the security of wireless communications, the data center and cloud services. A comprehensive approach to mobile enterprise app security is required.

Avoid all pitfalls with Snappii

Snappii is a leading mobile business app development company. About 500,000 people use Snappii business apps in 30+ industries around the world. We’ve helped thousands of enterprises to optimize, accelerate and simplify usual work processes. Thanks to considerable experience, we will help you to avoid pitfalls and save your money on creating the app. Our Snappii support team is always available to consult and guide your ideas to maximum profitability. Get your enterprise app in weeks, not months and start getting significant benefits.

Two Essential Features of Enterprise Mobile Apps

The rapid proliferation of corporate mobile devices in businesses means a tremendous increase of enterprise mobile apps. According to the analytics firm Appdexa, 69% of companies are using more than one enterprise app for managing their businesses, and enterprise mobile app revenue is expected to reach $430 billion by 2021.

Obviously, enterprise mobile apps have different purposes from the consumer apps but there is one common goal: to provide an engaging experience that will improve a certain process. Let’s consider how modern enterprise apps can achieve this and what other benefits they can provide to the businesses.

Empower the field teams with mobile forms

First of all, enterprises need a tool to work with data. This way, the primary task of enterprise mobile apps is to provide the opportunity to easily collect and process any data on-the-go. Fortunately, nowadays users can fill in ready-made mobile forms in seconds right at their smartphone. No need to carry paper forms and bulky laptops. Moreover, mobile forms allow to capture images, geolocation, signatures and more. Gathering the information with mobile forms and enterprise apps makes the work faster. Employees don’t have to drive to the office with paper forms for further processing and creation of the reports. They are able to create high-grade reports in the app and instantly send them to the managers or other specialists.

Snappii is a leader in enterprise apps as well as a powerful form converter. Our unique solution is the opportunity to use the existing PDF forms and convert them into the mobile form apps. The rich set of features, from simple textboxes to the multi-choice and multimedia fields, makes Snappii the #1 form creator. Anyone can create its own mobile form with a free trial using Snappii Form Converter.

Improve and maintain any specific need of the work

Customization is also the key for enterprise apps. Every business is wholly unique as well as each of its departments. Custom enterprise apps should meet specific needs of a given business. The problem is that usually the ready-made business apps in the stores offer a rather general set of features. And the custom app development is traditionally considered as something cosmically expensive and available only for huge corporations.

Thanks to the modern rapid app creation platforms like Snappii, app builders can create the experienced custom apps in days without special programming skills. The speed and lack of extra efforts make such enterprise apps available for any business even without a huge budget. Snappii customers even can create the apps themselves using Snappii App Builder with a simple drag and drop technique, a set of powerful functions and helpful free resources. This solution is proved with over 26,000 apps in over 7 years.

Now you know the two main distinctive features of the enterprise mobile apps. Certainly, there are many different types of such apps, for example, these apps may include management, payment, tracking and other systems. You can find the best ready-made and 100% customizable enterprise apps here. Mobilize your business right now.

Industrial Mobility is a Great Bridgehead for Oil and Gas Enterprises

Industrial Mobility is a Great Bridgehead for Oil and Gas EnterprisesWhen businesses have industrial-sized data, they need an industrial level tool. It’s well known that a mobile app can help businesses engage and connect with their clients, but it can also be used to improve productivity and the overall efficiency of the company. According to the research and analytics firm Gartner, “the worldwide enterprise-application market grew to roughly $149.9 billion in 2015, on its way to an estimated $201 billion by 2019”. Robust, industrial apps are rapidly becoming the focal point of modern businesses.

Great opportunities for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry have been showing great interest in industrial mobility as well. According to a recent survey of oil and gas industry executives, mobile apps rank number 2 on the list of top priorities for CIO’s. The profit in the oil and gas industry relies heavily on the speed and quality of their operations. Mobile apps allow specialists to avoid delays, control each process and always be fully informed to make educated decisions.

A great app should be as intuitive as it is useful. Having employees go through a substantial amount of training to use a new technology is counter-productive, and often leads to more headaches than profits. It should complement a specialists will to improve existing infrastructure and processes, not impede it.

Snappii is a leading provider of business apps. All of their apps can be customized to meet any need, whether it’s for an enterprise or a particular department of it. Here are some of the pre-made, customizable apps that they offer in their app catalog:

– Oil & Gas Field Operations app provides various types of helpful mobile forms which are easy to fill out, store, share, etc. With this app, users can have all their data right in their pockets.

– Oil & Gas Safety Management app is a great tool to conduct multiple oil and gas inspections using just a smartphone.

– Oilfield Pipe Volume app is designed to calculate the volume of pipelines and includes three formula forms for the data calculations.

– Oil & Gas Risk Assessment Summary app is ideal to make risk assessment summaries right on-sites and transfer collected data to the office via email.

Find even more apps on Snappii’s website. If we don’t have it pre-made, we can make it for you in a snap.

The Most Low-Cost Way to Create Enterprise Apps

The Most Low-Cost Way to Create Enterprise AppsIt is imperative that businesses, whether they’re Mom-and-Pop shops or huge corporations, keep up with the latest technology. Apps have been around for a while, but creating one was never a viable, or affordable, option for the general public. Mobile solutions have become critical for improving employee communication, management efficiency and even the customer experience. Last summer, Red Hat, Inc and Samsung Electronics America announced a strategic alliance to “deliver the next generation of mobile solutions for the enterprise”. With so many organizations shifting into the realm of mobile, there may be some problems. For the little guys, it will almost always be price.

The main issue is the price

While creating a single app may bring short-term profits, changes and improvements to the app will likely chip away at your earnings. A long-term strategy for success is not limited to a single app. It is not uncommon for each department within an enterprise to have a mobile solution customized exactly to the demands of the operation. With each app, you may have to call upon different software engineers to create the perfect solution. The more specialist that are involved, the more expensive it gets.

“The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016” by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, found that the common enterprise mobility budget is around $250,000 to $500,000, and this price only climbs higher with every revision. Even for a large enterprise, the real obstacle always comes down to money.

Enterprise apps are more available than you think

Snappii, a market leader in business mobile apps solutions, puts accessibility first. Snappii uses a codeless app builder that allows anyone, even small businesses, create powerful, enterprise-grade apps. Because the app editor allows you to create solutions in a fraction of the time, prototypes and changes can be made quickly and inexpensively – no coders required. Snappii has 30+ industries, a huge collection of ready-made templates, powerful widgets, instant testing and prototyping, and constant support to back it all up.

Now, any business had an opportunity to join the mobile solution spectrum, and enjoy the many benefits offered by having such a powerful tool right in your pocket. Join Snappii and be a part of a crew of app builders who want to see you succeed.

Benefits of Inspection Apps in Industrial Water Treatment

Benefits of Inspection Apps in Industrial Water TreatmentIn the world of industrial water treatment, water is everything. Water analysis and treatment is essential to protecting the downstream process, the equipment used in it, and the end products. Heavy metals, organics, toxic substances – are a fraction of the contaminants contained in raw water.

Enterprises require water filtration, treatment and disinfection systems and equipment. The demand for this equipment is forecast to increase in the United States by “5.9 percent per year, $13 billion by 2017,” according to the Freedonia group. “The resource extraction market is expected to show the most rapid gains among the major markets, as the treatment requirements for produced water in oil and natural gas extraction continue to rise, and as water recycling and reuse increase to satisfy the needs of expanded hydraulic fracturing activities”. What continues to remain important is the condition of water treatment equipment and maintenance of their proper operation.

The best tool is already in your smartphone

Today, smartphones may be the greatest tool to assist specialists in inspection of water treatment systems. Mobile inspection apps help to monitor and instantly collect data of operating conditions and meters, capture photos and GPS positions, make quick calculations, track work progress, create complete reports and share them immediately – the list goes on. The biggest plus is the ability to seamlessly transition from the office to the field while having everything in the palm of your hand.  Apps enable enterprises to avoid equipment breakdown, and the downtime that comes with it.

Snappii is an expert in the mobile app industry, specializing in enterprise software. They’ve worked together with multiple corporations like GE. About one million people use Snappii’s business apps in 30+ industries around the world. Their individual approach to each customer allows the company to create a unique, feature-rich and powerful product. If you deal with inspections, Snappii is the only solution.

Make a Fortune with Your App Business

2016-05-20-roman-drits-barnimages-006-300x200“The average iPhone owner in the US spent $35 on apps last year,” according to Sensor Tower, an app marketing company. Developer Economics survey has shown that “43% of enterprise app developers make more than $10K per month”.  When you read the success stories of such app developing companies as Seriously, Grail, Evernote and Smule, you realize that everyone can build a unique mobile app which thousands of app users will rave about. You don’t have a large team or budget to start off.  Thus, for instance, Seriously launched Best Friends with only 11 people and a very small marketing budget. The company behind the phenomenal CARROT apps is even smaller: it is actually just one self-taught man, Brian Mueller.

What unites all these leading app developers is honesty, focus on the users’ needs, perfecting every feature they offer, never stopping to learn from their learners, and a creative approach to social media marketing.

– “I think if you’re honest with people and you explain it well, they’re going to be more than happy to pay that fee if there’s a good reason for it,” explains Brian Mueller his pricing philosophy.

– “How do you get users to stay around longer?” asks Jeannie Yang, Chief Product and Design Officer at Smule. “You build a better product. Build better features. Build more reasons for them to come back.”

– “The game launched with only 11 people and a small marketing budget. We only had 80 levels at launch, so we focused on doing a few things really, really well,” says Matt McMahon, Vice President of Business Development at Seriously.

– “What is most important is your attitude — to learn from the users, learn from the culture, learn from the market. That will be the source of love for your product, “ strongly believes Hitoshi Hokamura, Special Advisor to the CEO at Evernote.

– “We want the community to be the Chief Marketing Officer for our brand,” says Phil Hickey, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Seriously. The company constantly interacts with its users and invites followers to vote on characters or levels they would like to see in the game in the future.

Another thing that all these companies have in common is that they paid thousands of dollars to programmers to build their products. However, you don’t have to. With Snappii, a unique mobile business app development company that provides both a codeless cloud-based platform for rapid app creation and a great collection of powerful and feature-rich white label solutions, you can start building and selling killer mobile apps in a matter of days.

We offer:

– Simple but powerful codeless app building platform,

– Steller customer support,

– Very attractive price.

Among Snappii’s partners are such successful companies as GE, Allianz, Driscoll’s, Hyster, NationaLease. Please visit our partners’ page for more details or contact us at

Mobile Apps Bring Field Work to Your Fingertips

Mobile Apps Bring Field Work to Your FingertipsAccording to the PewResearch Center, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and this number is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. Nowadays thanks to mobile apps, they are not just a communication tool but a great means of work with multiple types of data. These constantly improving features make apps an extremely popular solution for field work.

Apps Simplify Data Management

Long gone are the days where field work was limited to clip-boards, notebooks and pencils. These days mobile apps allow users to collect data in any location and process it without returning to the office. For example, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council has provided field workers delivering multiple services to its 200,000 tenants with mobile apps. “Berneslai Homes is responsible for managing more than 18,000 properties and providing landlord services to council tenants on the authority’s behalf. Before the new solution, their workers were spending a lot of time completing paper timesheets, which then had to be reviewed and approved by operational managers before the information was manually entered into SAP. Also, one of the apps, a tradesperson management application (TMA), enables gas engineers to electronically record and automate the inspection and production of CP12 gas certificates”.

Best Mobile Solutions for Your Business

Want the same agility and convenience for your business? Snappii, a rapid mobile business app development company, offers powerful apps for multiple industries and any types of operations, including field work. Now inspections and inventories are quick and easy processes which can be performed directly in the enterprise or warehouse or anywhere in the field. Snappii’s apps allow users to:

– Collect data with necessary details;

– Edit captured data anytime from anywhere;

– Create PDF and Excel reports;

– Share reports via email;

– Upload details to cloud drives;

– Sync data across multiple devices;

– Work offline.

Snappii’s apps are 100% customizable. Thanks to its codeless app development platform, you can build the app you need yourself or order custom mobile app development. Thousands of employees already enjoy Snappii’s solutions. Please visit our website for more details.


What to Expect from Mobile Solutions in 2016

What to Expect from Mobile Solutions in 2016Most people nowadays are literally living, working and studying on their mobile devices, so it comes as no surprise that 2015 has been a hot year for mobile technology. According to Comscore, “this year people spend at least 54% of their digital media time interacting with mobile apps”. As for the business, enterprise mobility has Continue reading “What to Expect from Mobile Solutions in 2016” »

Predict Challenges and Get Benefits from Enterprise Mobility

for blogThe Accenture survey of 2000 executives in nine industries and 15 countries shows that 87% of executives believe apps are necessary to fully release the benefits of digital technologies, while 82% think enterprise mobile apps are an integral part of their organization and key to unlocking vital data from Continue reading “Predict Challenges and Get Benefits from Enterprise Mobility” »

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