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Keeping Safety at Construction Sites during the Winter Season

Keeping Safety at Construction Sites during the Winter SeasonThe difficult season for construction sites

There are some additions to potential hazards of construction sites during the winter season. Slippery surface, high wind dangers, hypothermia, driving construction equipment in winter condition, and more. This way, construction companies have a lot more safety precautions to consider to prevent workplace injuries and keep workers safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides a bunch of safety tips for winter. Find them here.

Improve reporting during the winter season

Following these safety tips is extremely important. However, there are also increased requirements for reporting at this period. A constant flow of timely and solid data and its organized documenting help track and prove the precautions field workers take to stay safe at work. That’s why it’s important to have a smart and agile tool for regular reporting. Snappii is ready to provide you with such a tool.

The #1 reporting app

The Construction Daily Log app is the #1 reporting app. It is the simplest way to create and share professional daily reports in minutes. The app includes a one-page collapsed mobile form to instantly add necessary data. For better convenience in the field, the form can be filled in without typing using the voice-to-text feature. Users can attach pictures to highlight progress or show problem areas. The completed form can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be shared in various ways and safely stored in the app, this way users can access all the reports anytime. Recently the Construction Daily Log app has been improved with the opportunity for managers to track who has not turned their report in. Learn more about this reporting app from a short demo-video. Download and try the Construction Daily Log app in Apple App Store and Google Play.

Some more solutions for you

If you already have your own report forms with a familiar format and you want to continue using them, this is not a problem. The Snappii team will be happy to discuss the possibility to convert them to their mobile analog. Just send your forms and requirements to us here. You can try to do it yourself. Thanks to the smart and powerful Snappii’s Form Converter and the Optical Field Recognition system, anyone can easily and quickly convert forms to the digital format. Try it here.

The Effects of Poor Communication in Construction Projects and How to Improve It

The Effects of Poor Communication in Construction Projects and How to Improve ItA serious issue to consider

Poor communication in a construction project is one of the prime reasons why projects incur damage and fail. Here are several ways poor communication can impact a project.

– Lack of communication and poor communication can create confusion for the entire project team. This leads to mistakes and slows down the project.

– Poor flow of information and unclear and untimely communication can lead to skipping steps of the construction project, untimely orders, failed assignments, and more. And all of these result in delays on the project.

– Also, poor ineffective communication often contributes to project budget risk and results in increased costs. Budget overruns can jeopardize the entire project.

– The construction industry is a high-risk environment. Poor communication often comes to injuries and untimely help. It is also a ground for lawsuits.

The best solution

Mobile solutions are the best way to establish and improve communication in a construction project. However, just calls and messages per mobile phone are not enough. The entire flow of data in a construction project should be documented. Workers deal with various forms and reports and communicate through them. Construction apps are able to digitize any data and make the work with it fast, simple, convenient, and agile.

Snappii offers powerful construction apps with pre-made mobile forms to fill in in a snap, generate complete reports, share and store them. Make quick estimates, provide invoices, assign tasks, notify about any changes, track work progress, create and collect reports, make various inspections, create timesheets, track work hours, and more. Elimination of paper forms and transfer to mobile solutions streamline communication and help keep everything under control. Try the following ready-made construction apps.

Construction Daily Log app

Construction Estimator app

Punch In/Out Timesheet app

Construction Manager app

Construction Change Order app

Construction Photos app

Most of these apps can be modified to meet 100% of your needs. Send us your requirements and we will be back with a quote.

No More Reasons to Avoid Daily Reporting on the Construction Site

No More Reasons to Avoid Daily Reporting on the Construction SiteThe reality for construction sites is the more steps workers need to take to document daily activities, the more likely they will make mistakes and inaccuracies and ultimately try to dodge this process. Most people don’t enjoy paperwork and this is not surprising. No field worker wants to spend time filling out paper forms and transferring them to the manager after a grueling workday at the construction site.

What Snappii can offer

Snappii has been supporting construction field workers for about 10 years. Keeping in mind the problem with paper-based daily reporting, Snappii has created outstanding solutions to solve this issue and make the life of field workers easier.

A ready-made Construction Daily Log app from Snappii allows users to create professional daily reports in minutes right on a mobile device. It is a smart and affordable way to eliminate paperwork. No more need to spend hours on this process and visit the office. The Construction Daily Log app includes a one-page collapsed form to collect all necessary details of the workday and the progress of the project. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be submitted to the manager in various ways and safely stored in the app, this way users can access all the reports anytime. Recently we have added one important feature to allow managers to track who has not turned their report in. Read more about it here.

If you are not ready to leave your existing forms and reports, Snappii can offer the following solution. We can easily convert your paper forms and reports to their digital analog to fill them out on any mobile device. It is affordable for anyone as well as simple and fast to implement. Send us your forms and requirements here.

Updated Construction Daily Log App: Ensure and Track Performing Daily Reports

Updated Construction Daily Log App: Ensure and Track Performing Daily ReportsIn a construction project, it’s essential to monitor and document the progress at the work site regularly. A construction daily report must be provided at the end of each workday to create an accurate, comprehensive, and consistent view of activities and directions of work.

The difficulties of the traditional paper-based reporting system

Field workers often complain about the difficulty and inconvenience of completing and submitting such reports. It requires tedious and time-consuming paperwork and constant visits to the office. Managers, in their turn, are tired of chasing the field employees and trying to find out who is and is not turning in the reports.

Generate and submit the reports in a snap

Snappii offers a great solution to this issue. Construction Daily Log app allows users to create professional daily reports in minutes right on a mobile device. It includes a one-page collapsed form to collect all necessary details. After filling out the form, it can be instantly generated into the PDF report. The report can be submitted in various ways and safely stored in the app, this way users can access all the reports anytime.

Track performing daily reports

Recently we have updated the Construction Daily Log app with a great feature for managers. Now the app allows users to track who has not turned their report in. It is a perfect way to save time, meet target deadlines, and make quick business decisions based on reports received. Construction Daily Log app provides anyone with a clear picture of the progress. Forget about delays and waste of time and money.

There is some more information about this powerful app in this blog post. Download and try Construction Daily Log app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.

Construction Change Orders and the Easiest Way of Their Generation

Construction Change Orders and the Easiest Way of Their GenerationChange orders are an essential tool for contractors and subcontractors. They should clearly define the scope of work and generate detailed contracts with explicit pricing to protect themselves and their business. And if there are any changes to the original project, they need to be not just discussed and agreed verbally, but also documented.

What is a change order?

This way, a change order is a document used to record changes and amendment to the original construction contract. Change orders contain the records of additional services being provided, along with costing for those services. Change orders allow contractors to ensure that both parties are treated fairly. Sometimes, the original construction contract may spell out the specific change order form a contractor should use. Otherwise, if there is not a specific form in the contract, they can generally use any form.

How to make change order process easier and more efficient

Generating change orders is paperwork, and requires data collection, processing and calculations. This activity at the jobsite is a real headache. This way, contractors have to go to the office to complete all documents. However, nowadays there is a solution to add efficiency, speed and agility to the change order process.

Snappii offers ready-made Construction Change Order app to create quick construction change order requests and provide them to selected supervisors for reviews. The app allows users to avoid time consuming paperwork, as well as significantly simplify and accelerate the process. A worker can organize change orders by projects and fill in all necessary details, including information about labor, equipment, parts, construction sites, date and timestamp, as well as upload PDF documents and take pictures. Due to the in-built calculator it is simple to estimate total hours and costs needed to complete a particular project. Moreover, the app users are able to make a list of supervisors, assign orders to them, track supervisor’s feedback and proposed changes in case of rejections. Any order will be securely stored on the mobile device. Construction Change Order app contributes to more accurate and timely data. Change orders can be made right in the field and without visits to office and face to face interactions.

Construction Change Order app is available in Apple App Store and Google Play. Get a visual idea of Construction Change Order app from this video. Contact Snappii for any additional information. We can customize this app to meet any specific needs. Send us your requirements to get a free quote.

4 Reasons to Refuse Manual Estimating of Construction Projects

4 Reasons to Refuse Manual Estimating of Construction ProjectsFor many years, construction companies relied on paper-based and manual method of estimating. However, this outdated approach has now been replaced by technology. Estimating software with digital data has become an essential tool of a successful construction project. If you’re still relying on outdated method, it may significantly affect your business from a financial, reputational, and efficient standpoint. Here are the major ways manual estimating can hurt your construction projects.

Project slowdown and waste of time

Rational use of time helps free up resources for tackling more projects. Unfortunately, manual estimating significantly slows down the project. The limited ability to communicate with the entire team on site, instantly receive important information like price fluctuations, implement changes, etc. stretch out estimating process and influence the entire project timelines.

Poor and limited data access

Manual estimating limits your access to all data. It’s extremely time-consuming to refer to past projects for any analogy and tendency. Such limited information on projects and insights hinders learning from previous mistakes and boosting efficiency.

Errors and inaccuracies

Using paper forms and spreadsheets could greatly increase human errors and inaccuracies. Manual estimating is subject to it and contributes to decrease of project accuracy.

Higher project costs

Dependent on manual estimating contributes to incurring higher project costs. Such manual system requires additional expenses on paperwork and reconciling all documents, as well as limits agility and efficiency.

Modern skilled workers are already aware of the limitations, mentioned above and understand how frustrating and inefficient manual estimating is. This is why any construction company should leverage modern mobile estimating solutions.

Smart mobile solution from Snappii

Snappii is happy to present our ready-made Construction Estimator app. This app is designed for contractors, service companies, salespeople and estimators to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. Fill in required details, calculate cost in labor, material, subcontract and the grand totals of the estimates, include taxes, generate PDF forms of the estimates and share them, store all the data locally on the device and more. Watch this video to learn how Construction Estimator app works. Download and try the app in Apple App Store and Google Play. Save time, avoid errors, increase accuracy and win more work with the best estimating software.

4 Ways Mobile Construction Apps Are Transforming and Improving the Industry

4 Ways Mobile Construction Apps Are Transforming and Improving the IndustryPeople use apps in almost every facet of their life and work. It should come as no big surprise that modern mobile construction apps provide huge impact on this industry and change the way different construction operations are being done. Construction projects require a serious amount of coordination of people and resources in the field. Special construction apps do an excellent job of this task, as well as provide many other benefits, helping construction companies of all sizes be more efficient and cost-effective.

Reduction of delays

Delays and rework in construction projects can cost millions of dollars and negatively affect a company’s reputation. Construction apps allow workers to collect and use real-time information. This contributes to timely prevention of issues, which might provoke delays and put projects on hold.

Improved communication

Mobile construction apps give employees the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. It makes the entire team feel involved and better understand where the project is and what resources are needed. Instant communication also contributes to acceleration and optimization of various operations, saves time and cuts expenses.

Accurate project documentation

Mobile construction apps provide the ability to work with project documentation right in the field. The apps improve accuracy and reduce potential issues arising from illegible handwriting, information gaps, untimely information, loss or damage of paper documentation, etc.

Safety compliance

Construction is a high-hazard industry. Construction apps can help control ensuring regulatory compliance. They also facilitate regular safety inspections and immediate reporting of all safety concerns to mitigate risk and keep job sites safe and optimized.

Mobile solutions for construction industry from Snappii

Snappii works with construction industry for about 10 years. We provide multifunctional mobile solutions to optimize, simplify and accelerate various operations with data. Today anyone can streamline the work with flexible ready-made construction apps from Snappii. Find them here to learn more and try. Most of Snappii apps are customizable to meet any specific needs. Contact us here to discuss app customization. Snappii is the leading custom app development company. We create powerful business apps from scratch. High quality, speed and absolute compliance with requests are our forward advantages. Send us your requirements here. Contact Snappii support team with any questions at

How to Manage Complex Construction Projects without Stress and Hard Efforts

How to Manage Complex Construction Projects without Stress and Hard EffortsComplex doesn’t mean impossible

Modern buildings are becoming quite complex in design and technology, causing large-scale and complicate construction projects. A job of superintendents and project managers has evolved into an extremely multifaceted and multipurpose process, requiring an increased agility and multitasking.

A simple way to be agile and proper equipped

Construction management technology has been also improved and upgraded in recent years, and now construction management apps can make life of superintendents and project managers significantly easier. Managing complex projects with construction management apps helps all workers save time and stay organized, and at the end, projects are done faster and without losses and stress.

When it comes to large-scale projects, a large amount of various workers should submit regular daily reports. If you’re gathering data on paper, that means you have to collect, process and deliver all this data to the office at the end of the day. This is extremely time-consuming, and moreover, sometimes, the reports can linger, get lost, etc. Construction Manager app becomes an irreplaceable assistant in such and many other cases.

Find all you need for efficient management in one app

Administrative duties can be done in minutes with Construction Manager app. The app ensures a regular flow of information between offices and construction sites. There are such pre-made mobile forms as estimation form, maintenance form, daily log form and timesheet form. Users can easily and quickly capture and add regular, accurate information, which is critical for a timely project progress. Construction Manager app provides room size, concrete and paint calculators for more convenient and simple calculations in the field. A PDF report can be easily generated, stored and shared. The app offers a better project organization, a better understanding of the work and the costs, and timely decisions.

Download and try Construction Manager app for iOS and for Android.

Managing complex projects with special construction management apps means that you gain back valuable time, maintain better organization, cut expenses and win more business. Start gaining the benefits as soon as possible.

How Precast Erectors Can Avoid Expensive Delays and Increase Efficiency

How Precast Erectors Can Avoid Expensive Delays and Increase EfficiencyThe erection of precast concrete elements requires a very thorough choice of lifting equipment, personnel and management tools. These contribute to efficient and quality installation and allow reaping the full benefits of precast construction. A clear process plan, with the exact sequence, timely reporting, instantly notification of any changes, supporting system is a significant part of precast works. Also saving time and money on any construction project is essential. To synchronize and manage all the activities, modern erectors use mobile software.

Mobile solutions’ breakthrough in precast erection field

Changes during construction are inevitable and can cause errors and delays. Special mobile apps help prevent these. The apps become a bridge between the job sites and office and allow companies to stay in time and budget.

Recently Snappii, a leading mobile business solutions provider, has released Precast Erectors Planner App. We worked with Coreslab Structures in TX to create the app. We learned about the forced downtime and financial loss and tried to create a tool to coordinate the activities with strong accuracy and efficiency.

Why Precast Erectors Planner App from Snappii

No more delays waiting for pieces to be delivered to construction sites. No more wasted labor time. No more equipment sitting idle. Precast Erectors Planner App provides a real time view of all the field activity and project reporting, which enables office and management to schedule labor, equipment and materials just in time. The main features of the app are:

– Load erection sequence from Excel

– Automatically fills out a 4 day look ahead plan with adjusted delivery times and dates so that everybody can adjust their plans

– Automatically calculates the number of pieces that are erected on any given day

– Team members are instantly notified about schedule changes

– Easy to create Daily and Anytime Status reports with notes about why delays happened, safety info, pictures.

– No need to type. Conversion of speech to text.

– Unlimited photos

– Email the daily report to manufacturers, contractors, etc.

The main benefits of using Precast Erectors Planner App are:

– Avoid of wasted time and money on labor, equipment and materials

– Streamlining of supply chain between the erectors and the manufacturers

– Keeping all the team members on the “same page”

– Fast and accurate coordination of project needs for project managers and contractors

“An app like this can save $4,000 per hour,” said Mark McGee, Field Operations Manager at Coreslab.

Try the innovative solution already now

Snappii team have collected all information of the app to one-page PDF document that you can share and print out. Also there is a detailed video with a visual demonstration of Precast Erectors Planner App. You can always request a demo of the app with our support team.

Stop getting blamed for delays! The app will become an essential pocket assistant for precast erectors, foremen, manufacturers and other specialists and help raise the business to the next level. Contact us anytime with any questions about Precast Erectors Planner App.

Construction Trends of 2019: Have Time to Use in Your Business

Construction Trends of 2019: Have Time to Use in Your BusinessConstruction spending was up in 2018 and it was also a record year for venture funding in construction tech startups. On the strength of the growing stats, builders and contractors want to keep up with the latest construction industry trends so that they can also stay ahead of the competition in 2019. Here are some trends that could affect how to conduct construction business in 2019 to be successful and profitable.

Drones: flying assistant

Drones is one of the hottest trends of recent years and it will gain momentum in 2019. With drones came onto the scene, contractors and construction specialists can get access to various data. Commercial drone use in construction surged 239% year over year, the fastest growth of any sector, according to a May report from DroneDeploy. Among  drones’ useful features are:

– capturing photos from above,

– 3d mapping,

– terrain analysis,

– thermal heat imaging,

– visualization,

– etc.

When linked to a special mobile software, drones can provide even more opportunities. This year LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) opened up 99% of US airspace to drones.

Lean building: when less is more efficient

Construction is one of the world economy’s largest sectors. According to a McKinsey & Co. report, under economic strains, it’s all the most important for the construction industry to clamp down on inefficiency and improve productivity levels. Lean building is a solution, which allows eliminating waste in all construction fields, and contributes to rational and productive business. For example, avoidance of excess materials and overlapping in a workflow, accurate planning and creating strategies, in-time deliveries and decision-making. In a McGraw Hill Construction survey of such companies, 84% reported higher quality projects since transitioning from traditional methods, 80% saw greater customer satisfaction, 77% experienced greater productivity and 77% improved jobsite safety.

84% reported higher quality projects since transitioning from traditional methods, 80% saw greater customer satisfaction, 77% experienced greater productivity and 77% improved jobsite safety

Mobile software for construction can become a useful assistance in the lean building. Construction apps contribute to more accurate and timely data, constant communication between different construction departments, efficient management, tracking, inspection and more.

Eco-building: eco means smart

From year to year, eco-friendly trend is becoming more and more popular in construction industry. There are some points to pay special attention in 2019.

Energy efficiency is one of them. Energy-efficient buildings of course, include solar panels and batteries. Moreover, modern building developers prefer super-insulating materials and smart energy systems, which contribute to secure energy supply while reducing carbon emissions. Construction specialists predict the rise of such sustainable energy sources in construction as biogas, wind energy, and geothermal energy.

Eco-friendly concrete is a mandatory component of successful construction company in 2019. Concrete manufactured from glass, paper, and foam is used as a substitute for traditional concrete. Since concrete is the most widely consumed material in the construction industry, this accounts for a whopping 9.5% of global emissions. Also concrete requires constant costly maintenance and repairs. This way, the innovative self-healing concrete is helpful for the environment as well as for the economy.

Now some construction companies have an interest to such materials as recycled plastic, wood, mycelium, hempcrete, etc. 2019 will provide even more eco-friendly solutions and strengthen their use.

Innovative Features of Mobile Apps for Road Construction

The construction of a new road – whether from asphalt or concrete – is a complex multilevel process. There are numerous tasks relevant to the process, including engineering concerns, inspections, administrative tasks, technology implementation, process management, safety maintenance, cost tracking, estimation, and more. Modern mobile technology solutions offer a superior alternative to traditional paper-based or computer-based processes, which accompany road construction and maintenance. Here are some examples.

Accurate data and improved business processes

Any aspect of road construction and maintenance deals with data, its collection, processing and analyzing. Paper-based operations require a lot of time and efforts, they are unreliable and costly. Timely leveraging of accurate data can improve business processes and affect the quality of end work. Road construction apps is the best way to instantly work with various data at the job site at any time. Ready-made mobile forms save a huge amount of time on filling. Moreover, the information can be generated into a report right at the smartphone and immediately sent to the manager, contractor or any other specialist.

Efficient time management and increase of profitability

Paper timesheets burden every manager in work time tracking and the payroll process. Implementing a construction timesheet app minimize the headache from paper timecards and improve the project management. This solution can significantly influence the quality of the whole road construction process and a success and profitability of the company. The app enables anybody to track work time for any project or job code and generate a professional time card which can be emailed. Employees can punch in and out on their mobile devices anywhere, add breaks and details, generate powerful reports and send them to the management or accounting, analyze their progress with the Dashboard and more. Many companies have already benefited from this powerful timesheet app and you can join them right now.

Streamlined safety maintenance

Safety of roads and the potential environmental impact is an important topic in a road construction and maintenance process in globe. And safety workplace while building high-quality and reliable roads is a leading task of each separate construction company. Special road construction apps can provide powerful features to track safety in the field, conduct timely training and inspections.

Fast and easy inspections on-the-go and timely reporting

Road construction apps can become an inalienable tool for various inspections, from equipment inspections to checks of materials’ quality. It is the easiest and fastest way to collect data. Conducted inspections are safely stored and always ready for demonstration to special organizations and regulatory authorities.

Every day, road construction industry is looking for a greater effectiveness and efficiency in its techniques and methods. Road construction apps quite literally have the potential to impact every aspect of road construction and maintenance in a positive way. If you need a custom app for your work just contact Snappii. We provide the most powerful solutions and know all tricks to create the best mobile assistant for you according to your specific needs. Start from a free quote from us.

How to Make a Construction Site Safer

At construction jobsite, safety of workers is the top priority. Modern mobile solutions come to the rescue and help make construction sites safer and avoid accidents. Let’s consider how it works.

Stay connected and avoid risks

Knowledge is power, and timely information in construction allows preventing accidents. Modern safety construction apps help employees always stay informed anywhere and at any time. With constant convenient communication with all available mobile features like video, audio, photo, GPS, workers and managers will miss nothing. Also, just a push of a button in the app can instantly report a hazard and protect the whole construction team and the project.

Conduct inspections regularly

Construction workers rely on the equipment, machines and vehicles to work efficiently and safely, and the company should provide constant in-order and safe operation of all tools and equipment. Mobile construction apps allow conducting various timely inspections to maintain all work aspects, reduce the risks and contribute to a more productive workflow. They provide convenient mobile checklists, fast data collection, instant reporting and more. Read more about mobile inspection apps required by work at the jobsite here.

Maintain company’s stability by constant reporting

Safety directors and managers are entrusted with a huge responsibility. In addition to the general control of workplace safety, they must report about it to the highest authorities. Mobile safety construction apps allow them to get complete professional reports from all departments and personally from each employee on a daily basis. Clear and timely reporting is a guarantee of company stability and legal protection of both the company and its employees.

Why Snappii when it comes to construction apps

Today more and more builders and other construction professionals appeal to construction apps for various purposes. Today Snappii is a leading mobile business apps company with more construction apps than all construction software companies combined. We help modern construction companies save time and focus on the job instead of IT. After working in the industry for years, Snappii now believes they have a mobile solution to fit literally any problem.

Snappii offers powerful apps to ensure safe construction workflow and meet any requirements. You can find such ready-made apps as Construction Daily Log app, Punch In / Out Timesheet app, Construction Manager app, Construction Estimator and Bidding app, Heavy Equipment Inspection app and more. The main feature of all Snappii construction apps is their 100% customization. Any app can be modified specifically to your needs and contain a unique functionality. Moreover, we can add your usual work paper forms right into the app and convert them into the digital format. Steven Koski from Harold Brothers says: “Thanks to Snappii, we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literary takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it.” Construction industry is in demand for high-quality powerful apps and this demand will rise. We don’t stop and also develop and are ready to a new step.


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