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Learn How a Mobile Business App Can Meet Your Organization’s Inspection Needs

for blogConducting competent inspections is crucial to daily work, but often takes up too much valuable technician time. This applies to any organization in any industry.

Inspection managers and safety directors commit a huge amount of complicated inspections to comply with internal and external standards. Continue reading “Learn How a Mobile Business App Can Meet Your Organization’s Inspection Needs” »

Some things you need to know about building apps for your business

for blogMobile business apps are very useful thing for any business of different industries. If you decided to enter the group of successful business app users, you should know some moments about building apps for your business.

First of all you need to define the goal you want your app to achieve. You should invest Continue reading “Some things you need to know about building apps for your business” »

IBM’s launching ‘Mobile First’ iPad Apps for enterprise

for blogTim Cook, the CEO of Apple and serves on its Board of Directors, noted that IBM’s Mobile First iPad apps are on schedule to launch as early as next month. It will be a new line of enterprise apps. And also it will be a big Apple’s breakthrough which will help Apple capture the corporate market. Continue reading “IBM’s launching ‘Mobile First’ iPad Apps for enterprise” »

The future of mobile health apps. Many docs believe it can improve patient care

for blogA Manhattan Research survey recently found that many physicians believe digital communication technologies, including mobile apps, can be used to improve patient outcomes.

In fact, mobile analytics company App Annie, which tracks app popularity in various marketplaces and stores, reported in an August “Spotlight on Connected Devices” that the top fitness and health apps Continue reading “The future of mobile health apps. Many docs believe it can improve patient care” »

5 Tips to Increase Downloads For Your App

for blogYou’ve just built an iOS mobile business app or maybe an Android one. You’re really proud of your design, the app works on every device you tested and there seems to be no competition in your niche. You feel you’re onto a winner! A month later, your app still has very few downloads.

Either way, you can build great engagement and ensure people not only download your app, but also spread the word about it. Your aim should be to get Continue reading “5 Tips to Increase Downloads For Your App” »

Alibaba E-Commerce Giant Launches Cloud Service: Reports

for blogChinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is launching an internet cloud service, China News reported Tuesday. And it occurs amid users’ increasing reliance on smartphones and tablets.

Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese Internet-based e-commerce company, including Continue reading “Alibaba E-Commerce Giant Launches Cloud Service: Reports” »

New Trend in Mobile App Development

for blog According to a recent Gartner research app development teams will have to employ practices that are different from traditional app development, because there is a big demand from business companies and it puts increasing pressure on IT organizations to deliver large numbers of mobile applications.

“Enterprise application development Continue reading “New Trend in Mobile App Development” »

How to increase the effectiveness of your Website?

for blogThe website can work on you, your goals and missions, even if you want to sell something or want to promote your personal brand. It`s not a secret that nowadays each entrepreneur wants to have his own site to improve his own business, increase productivity and satisfy customers. The website must reflect your strategy and missions. But the process of increasing the effectiveness of the website isn`t an easy business. Continue reading “How to increase the effectiveness of your Website?” »

BlackBerry. A chance to surprise

for blogBlackBerry is not a favorite device among smartphones anymore. There are a lot of other preferable companies who offer their products more often. Furthermore their products are in demand and a huge edition. But BlackBerry doesn’t mind being quirky and is willing to take some risks along the way. Continue reading “BlackBerry. A chance to surprise” »

Invoice Manager app for iPad

An invoice, bill or tab is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer with, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed pries for products or services the seller has provided the buyer.

Payment terms are usually stated on the invoice. These may specify that the buyer has a maximum number of days in which to pay, and is sometimes offered a discount if paid before the due date. The buyer could have already paid for the products or services listed on the invoice. Continue reading “Invoice Manager app for iPad” »

Be unique on Google Maps


for blogIn its cartographic service Google Maps lets the customers create their own maps. According to the website services information it was the cause of Google Maps Engine function updating and improving.

Google Maps Engine function appeared in February, but only some representatives of companies and organizations could create personal maps. Now the Google Maps Engine is renamed to Google Maps Continue reading “Be unique on Google Maps” »

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