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Choose Mobile App for Work with Data

Choose Mobile App for Work with DataToday, more and more organizations are realizing the importance of having a mobile-friendly version of their website. Most companies start their mobile solution pursuit by developing mobile apps. A recent mobile maturity survey from Red Hat, Inc. showed that “90% of respondents anticipate increasing investment in mobile application development within the next 12 months”.

Paperwork leaves in the past

Mobile apps allow companies to automate their processes and expand their market. Apps are a cost-efficient solution to access one-on-one requests as well as work orders on the go.

There are also numerous benefits in using mobile apps for data collection. First, it’s simple and fast. Smartphones are very accessible and most employees probably already have one. Second, data can be instantly edited and immediately shared (or even printed). Modern apps can capture a wide range of data, including photo, video, audio, GPS and more. Last, organizations can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork they are dealing with, thereby accelerating processes.

Snappii is the authority on data management apps

Snappii, a leading company in mobile business solutions, has developed a catalog of business apps that can be downloaded straight form the app store. Aside from the full, free apps you can download, Snappii offers customization services that enables users to take their apps to the next level. They offer a DIY App builder that requires zero coding experience to utilize. The app builder can customize any of the apps in Snappii’s catalog to meet 100% of their business needs. Here are some examples of pre-made apps offered by Snappii:

Construction Manager App is designed to manage, edit, save and share data. This app consists of construction maintenance logs, daily reports, project estimates and can even send digital timesheets from construction sites to headquarters.

Inventories are usually managed with spreadsheets. Snappii can transform these sheets into a Warehouse Inventory and Shipment App. The template allows users to manage and inspect warehouse inventories, ensure availability of goods, manage shipments and perform calculations. Data can be collected, stored, processed and shared all by a single mobile device.

Trade Show Lead Collection mobile app is a powerful and convenient way to capture lead data. Entrepreneurs can digitally collect email addresses, phone number and other information necessary to network for your business no matter where they are.

Visit Snappii website and find even more apps for every industry.

What Modern Citizen Developers Are Looking For

What Modern Citizen Developers Are Looking ForLet us remind that according to technology research company Gartner, citizen developer is “a user who creates new business applications for consumption by others using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT”. Also, Gartner’s Citizen Development is Fundamental to the Digital Workplace report predicts that 70% of enterprises will have citizen development policies by 2020. It is worth noting that citizen development is already extremely successful and grows rapidly. 2016 State of Citizen Development Report from QuickBase shows that “citizen development is spreading rapidly as organizations reap the operational efficiency and productivity benefits of having custom applications delivered and updated faster”.

Acceleration is the key

With a huge demand for mobile app development, citizen developers are able to deliver apps two times faster than traditional programmers (“By the end of 2017, market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them. According to Gartner”). Modern zero code platforms allow them to do this.

Speed and Power in one App Builder

Snappii is a powerful business app development company, which offers zero code App Builder. Understanding the requirements of growing number of citizen developers, Snappii continues to improve the App Builder to provide the best solutions and accelerate app building process. Today Snappii customers can choose from over 250 pre-made apps and make modifications they need. The Gartner Group classifies Snappii App Builder as a RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development) platform, which cuts app development time to minutes.

Snappii believes citizen development is ready to fill the gaps in business app development industry and makes its contribution. Today there are over 68 thousand mobile business apps built with Snappii App Builder and the total number of people using apps built on Snappii has now reached 1 million, however this is far from the limit.

Snappii Launches Express App Builder to Cut Down Mobile App Development Time to Minutes

Snappii Launches Express App Builder to Cut Down Mobile App Development Time to MinutesSnappii Corporation, a market leader in Business Mobile app solutions today announces that business people without programmers can now create mobile apps fast, inexpensively and with Zero Learning curve using the Snappii Express App Builder. Continue reading “Snappii Launches Express App Builder to Cut Down Mobile App Development Time to Minutes” »

The Most Low-Cost Way to Create Enterprise Apps

The Most Low-Cost Way to Create Enterprise AppsIt is imperative that businesses, whether they’re Mom-and-Pop shops or huge corporations, keep up with the latest technology. Apps have been around for a while, but creating one was never a viable, or affordable, option for the general public. Mobile solutions have become critical for improving employee communication, management efficiency and even the customer experience. Last summer, Red Hat, Inc and Samsung Electronics America announced a strategic alliance to “deliver the next generation of mobile solutions for the enterprise”. With so many organizations shifting into the realm of mobile, there may be some problems. For the little guys, it will almost always be price.

The main issue is the price

While creating a single app may bring short-term profits, changes and improvements to the app will likely chip away at your earnings. A long-term strategy for success is not limited to a single app. It is not uncommon for each department within an enterprise to have a mobile solution customized exactly to the demands of the operation. With each app, you may have to call upon different software engineers to create the perfect solution. The more specialist that are involved, the more expensive it gets.

“The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016” by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, found that the common enterprise mobility budget is around $250,000 to $500,000, and this price only climbs higher with every revision. Even for a large enterprise, the real obstacle always comes down to money.

Enterprise apps are more available than you think

Snappii, a market leader in business mobile apps solutions, puts accessibility first. Snappii uses a codeless app builder that allows anyone, even small businesses, create powerful, enterprise-grade apps. Because the app editor allows you to create solutions in a fraction of the time, prototypes and changes can be made quickly and inexpensively – no coders required. Snappii has 30+ industries, a huge collection of ready-made templates, powerful widgets, instant testing and prototyping, and constant support to back it all up.

Now, any business had an opportunity to join the mobile solution spectrum, and enjoy the many benefits offered by having such a powerful tool right in your pocket. Join Snappii and be a part of a crew of app builders who want to see you succeed.

Why Daily Log and Reporting Apps are So Useful for Construction Projects

Why Daily Log and Reporting Apps are So Useful for Construction ProjectsStaying on top of industry standards while remaining efficient is crucial to the success of construction projects. Paper forms and reports allow project managers to regulate the field, meet deadlines and avoid any major hitches. Effective project management requires not just dates and working hours, but a detailed report about who is doing what, and where the materials are being used. The best solution is to provide workers with read-made forms for quick filling. The problem lies in the amount of time it takes to complete these long reports.

The frequency of these reports also presents a problem. Workers may forget to fill logs or their reports can be inaccurate due to human error. Smartphones with reminders can help remedy the problem, but smartphones can do more than just remind you in this case. We can use them as daily logs and relieve employees from the burden of paperwork.

Many tasks – one solution

Daily logs and reporting mobile apps can provide workers with mobile forms which can be instantly filled and edited with just a few clicks. They can be configured to contain an autofill field of date and location, so supervisors can always know where their employees are. Mobile solutions can also tackle other tasks like capturing photos, calculators, sharing options, push motivations – the possibilities are endless.

Snappii, a leading mobile business app development company, offers a ready-made Construction Daily Log app that can be found on either app store. The app allows users to easily create daily logs, make estimations and time-sheets, generate custom Excel and PDF reports, and share them amongst management or other employees. The biggest benefit to this app is the customization. Snappii offers a codeless app builder that enables users to access a website and tailor the app directly to their needs. Snappii also has an app shop where they can take requirements and make a custom app in a fraction of the time and money it would take an app developer. Snappii offers a complete solution and a unique experience for its users, and it continues to grow everyday.

Benefits of Inspection Apps in Industrial Water Treatment

Benefits of Inspection Apps in Industrial Water TreatmentIn the world of industrial water treatment, water is everything. Water analysis and treatment is essential to protecting the downstream process, the equipment used in it, and the end products. Heavy metals, organics, toxic substances – are a fraction of the contaminants contained in raw water.

Enterprises require water filtration, treatment and disinfection systems and equipment. The demand for this equipment is forecast to increase in the United States by “5.9 percent per year, $13 billion by 2017,” according to the Freedonia group. “The resource extraction market is expected to show the most rapid gains among the major markets, as the treatment requirements for produced water in oil and natural gas extraction continue to rise, and as water recycling and reuse increase to satisfy the needs of expanded hydraulic fracturing activities”. What continues to remain important is the condition of water treatment equipment and maintenance of their proper operation.

The best tool is already in your smartphone

Today, smartphones may be the greatest tool to assist specialists in inspection of water treatment systems. Mobile inspection apps help to monitor and instantly collect data of operating conditions and meters, capture photos and GPS positions, make quick calculations, track work progress, create complete reports and share them immediately – the list goes on. The biggest plus is the ability to seamlessly transition from the office to the field while having everything in the palm of your hand.  Apps enable enterprises to avoid equipment breakdown, and the downtime that comes with it.

Snappii is an expert in the mobile app industry, specializing in enterprise software. They’ve worked together with multiple corporations like GE. About one million people use Snappii’s business apps in 30+ industries around the world. Their individual approach to each customer allows the company to create a unique, feature-rich and powerful product. If you deal with inspections, Snappii is the only solution.

Snappii Partner Summit

Snappii Partner SummitThe most shrewd and clear-sighted CIOs nowadays consider business apps an opportunity for driving innovation, professional development, and company advancement. Snappii, a leading company of mobile business solutions, understands that few people nowadays have time to learn nuts and bolts of app development process. This way, our company offers a unique solution which enables people without programming skills to make a fortune with their app business.
Snappii announces Partner Summit where you can discuss partner program opportunities and other Snappii solutions with Snappii CEO Alex Bakman and Jeff Beam, Director of Sales.
Free webinar meets 2 times
Tue, Oct 25, 2016 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT
Tue, Oct 25, 2016 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT


The program of the online event includes:
1. Partner Program progress and Opportunities
2. Snappii Platform Road Map
3. Q and A
4. Closing remarks

Be a part of the most feature rich platform on the market. Join the summit and learn how to make money selling apps.


Expert Interview Series: Alex Bakman of Snappii on How Apps Can Help Home Inspectors

Expert Interview Series: Alex Bakman of Snappii on How Apps Can Help Home InspectorsHome inspections are meant to keep you safe. They result in a manual for how to improve pieces of the household that will keep its occupants, and the structure, unharmed. The process requires a reliable tool that can help to arrange the work, get the most benefit and contribute to the improvement. Until recently, this tool was just a clipboard and a sheet of paper. Today, modern mobile technologies provide this solution, and it can be found in your pocket.

Snappii, a leading business app development company, stays up to date by providing companies with the top mobile business solutions. The inspection industry is one of the highest grossing sectors in the market. Inspection Certification Associates (ICA), a North America’s most trusted provider of online Home Inspection Training and Certification, had an interview with Alex Bakman, CEO and Founder of Snappii, where he revealed how apps can help home inspectors, or any other inspector looking to minimize their process. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Snappii lets customers design and build their own apps. What are some of the common reasons customers decide to design an app?

The possibilities are endless. Improve existing business processes, such as managing people or equipment. Eliminating paperwork. You can enable customers to make appointments, order products and look up inventory. There are literally countless reasons, and we are creating new ones every-day. As the Apple commercial says – there is an app for that. And we have it.

One of the services that Snappii offers is custom online forms. What are some ways surprising ways that online forms can be useful?

Replace any paper form! It pains me to see business’s still struggling with this in modern times. There’s so many benefits to converting your paper into digital. Save money by delivering information right into backend systems from your device – this alone will accelerate business processes dramatically.

One of the major advantages of apps and cloud-based software is having everything available, to everyone, in one central location. What are some ways that could come in handy for a home assessor?

We make it impossible for you to lose your forms, and we give you a platform to make it instantly available to your clients and other coworkers.  You can include text, video, voice notes – make it as detailed or broad as you want. If you ever need to update your templates, it’s only a few clicks away. In a few words, we save you effort, which in turn saves you time.

Read the whole interview and visit Snappii website to choose the best mobile solution for your business.

Mobile Apps Provide New Opportunities for Field Service Businesses

Mobile Apps Provide New Opportunities for Field Service BusinessesAdvanced tools continue to storm the field-service market. Business owners understand that the better communication they have with their clients, the more successful the development of their business. Companies are constantly working for clients who depend on their service, however, the degree of customer’s involvement in the process has changed. In Aberdeen’s State of Service Management 2015 report, “the top initiative to improve customer engagement for the best-in-class is to create a communication strategy that interact with customers on the channels and frequency they want”. Business owners want simplicity, flexibility and on-the go services.

Engage customers through mobile apps

Today mobile apps allow users to always stay in touch while keeping the whole process under review. Field service apps can help customers track the progress of work without the need to call the workers, track the payments with detailed calculations, get instant notifications, and a wide range of other features.

Maintain the workforce

Mobile solutions also provide benefits to the workers themselves. Through real-time access to information, specialists can significantly increase their productivity, speed and quality of work. Field service managers can make real-time analysis and decisions. Also, mobile inspections of equipment and workforce contribute the decrease of maintenance costs, prevention of incidents and improvement of services quality.

Start with Snappii

The range of features are wide. If you don’t know where to start implementation of mobile solutions to your field service business, Snappii can help you. Snappii has a directory of ready-made apps for a variety of industries. If you have any specific needs, our team will be glad to tailor any app for your business.

The uniqueness of Snappii lies in the possibility for anyone to become a real app developer and create powerful apps independently. A codeless platform allows users to choose from the huge collection of templates, tabs, color schemes, etc. and build a unique product with 100% meeting of your needs. Don’t waste time and join Snappii today!

Why Work Order Apps are a Profitable Investment for Any Business

Why Work Order Apps are a Profitable Investment for Any BusinessEvery successful entrepreneur tries to adhere to “less is more” credo. The most important “less” is time because it is money. Today all enterprises actively look for solutions of time saving and its rational usage, and more and more companies give their preference to mobile solutions.

Mobile apps are finally fulfilling the credo of “less is more”. In only a few years, the industry has shifted from complex websites with multiple layers and entry points, to phone apps that serve as a pocket book of information for local and global businesses alike. With today’s technology, creating an app is the most inexpensive way to connect with your customers and employees.

How work order apps can benefit businesses

Curating a successful work order system is crucial to any organizations success. Streamlining the communication with your employees and customers not only opens opportunities for more business, but creates a transparent border between the creators and the client. Work order apps can help managers and workers establish and stable work process and maintain constant contact. Users can access all current and past work orders, with every detail included, and report the status of those jobs with a few touches.

The breakthrough in work order management

Snappii, a codeless app development company, creates mobile solutions for a myriad of business tasks in different industries. The company has created a fully customizable platform that can create work order management apps in as little as a few days. The Work Order Assigner app, created by Snappii and available on both iTunes and the Play Store, is a template for the functionality that Snappii can create. The work order is communicated through the application, and goes dirctly to the employees mobile device with all necessary details and time frames. Managers can track these jobs, from the time their finished to where they were completed. The app also communicates with PDF forms, converting them into forms that can be completed on the mobile device. Snappii has streamlined every kink in the road.

Research done by Canvas shows how organizations save money by converting their manual processes to mobile apps. “Of those who actively tracked their cost savings, 17% reported that they saved between $25,000 and $100,000 a year just by switching to mobile apps, while 81% said their savings were between $1000 and $25,000.” Mobile apps are a lucrative investment and essential for improving day-to-day workflow.

Snappii Revolutionizes App Creation

^3EDDFE99F0715C60D8FBA37A50C2B15F389AD9B736B86BCB0C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr-300x200Gartner, a leading American research and advisory firm, recently released a study that revealed “the average proportion of the overall application development budget allocated to mobile is only 10%, which is actually a 2% decline from last year”. “Demand for mobile apps in the enterprise is growing, but the urgency to scale up mobile app development does not yet appear to be a priority for most organizations,” said Adrian Leow, a principal research analyst at Gartner. He later states that the main obstacles are the creation and development process, and the high price that comes with it.

Cost associated with development

There are multiple online calculators which allows users to choose features and calculate the cost of app development. Even with only basic features, the average cost is about a quarter of a million. Clutch surveyed 12 of the “leading mobile application development companies” and found that the median-high cost to developing an app was $171,450, with prices ranging anywhere from $30k all the way up to $700k.  As the app needs further development, the cost continues to grow. For a growing business that may seem unattainable, while start-ups will not even consider it.

Affordable, fast and easy

Snappii, a New Hampshire-based company, has been successfully creating powerful business app since 2010. With their new “Express Mode” platform, Snappii puts the user in control, enabling anyone to create their own app in hours, not months. The combination of a codeless platform, along with hundreds of ready-made templates and features, revolutionizes the process and shortens it from several months, to several clicks. Snappii addresses the needs of startups and growing businesses alike, offering a wide variety of solutions for any industry, from offices to construction.  The revolution of the app industry is here, and Snappii wants to make it fast, easy and most importantly, affordable. Join us today for a free 15 day trial.


Maintaining Fire-Fighting Equipment with Snappii Inspection Apps

Maintaining fire-fighting equipment should be on every company’s agenda. Fire is one of the leading causes of property loss in the United States. A report released by the US Fire Administration in 2015 stated “an estimated 377,900 building fires are reported to fire departments per year. These fires were responsible for around 2,634 deaths, 12,525 injuries and over $7 billion in property lost”.

Safety first

Fire is the leading cause of property damage in the workplace. If not properly prepared, the result can be serious injuries, or even fatalities. Fire prevention, although usually neglected, play a vital role in the life of any enterprise.

There are usually two elements in fire safety. General Safety measures include informing employees which route to go in case of an emergency, safety behavior in workflow and having periodic fire drills. Fire Equipment Safety measures check fire extinguishers and other tools to make sure they can still perform in a crisis.

Inspection apps for better fire-fighting equipment maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment can be made easier with a digital platform. Storing and processing the information can be done in the form of pictures and forms, which can be emailed to coworkers and kept in a digital safe-box where not even fire can get to it. Specialized mobile apps can do more than just check your fire extinguishers and equipment. Snappii offers a wide range of features like the ability collect data across multiple devices, keep inventory of all equipment, uploading inspection reports to cloud drive, work offline and online and even map and GPS features. You can find these functions in ready-made Fire Extinguisher Inspection app. Snappii can customize an app to meet any requirement, even outside of the spectrum of inspections. Visit our website for more information.

Take care of fire safety with Snappii’s inspection apps.

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