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Why Mobile Inspection Apps Are Vital Nowadays

Why Mobile Inspection Apps Are Vital NowadaysInspection is a synonym for a headache

Conducting regular inspections can be a pressure for some businesses. This process is usually accompanied by stacks of paperwork and extra trips to the office and can be a huge burden for field technicians.

Growing competition urges businesses to improve the efficiency of all of their operations, especially inspections. That’s why many companies of various industries have already found a lot of reasons to use mobile inspection apps.

Accuracy, timeliness and consistency

Mobile inspection apps allow users to perform inspections faster and more effectively with pre-made mobile forms and checklists. They make technicians being able to capture a more complete analysis and collect more thorough, timely and accurate information.

Quality and compliance

Businesses always have to comply with internal and external policies, procedures and regulatory standards. Standardized and preconfigured mobile forms are the best way to comply with all regulations through the inspection process.

Acceleration and simplification

One of the best parts of mobile inspection apps is that they allow users to perform better inspections in less time. Office visits and re-entering the data are not required.

A universal inspection app

Snappii has a plenty of specific inspection apps for different industries and fields of activity. However, Inspect Anything app can be used in any of them. This app allows users to easily capture notes, photos, signatures, drawings, QR codes, bar codes, locations, audio and video files. It makes any field inspection a breeze. Technicians can instantly create full-length reports as PDF or Excel files and send them. Store collected data on the mobile device and access it anytime, anywhere. Inspect Anything app helps save work time as well as the costs. Download the app and try it right now (for iOS, for Android).

If you are not satisfied with our pre-built version of the app, Snappii team can customize Inspect Anything app for you to meet your specific needs. We are able to add your own forms. Just send them to us and let’s discuss.

Revolutionize your inspection process by removing the burden of routine paperwork. Read more about the benefits of inspection apps here.

The Top Benefits of Digital Transformation and Mobile Business Apps

Mobile Business Apps

Our business life is dictated by the latest technologies. Dynamically developing industries require improvement of workflow process efficiency for field staff. Also they are searching for the opportunities to achieve competitive advantage by embracing the new digital tools. Special mobile apps offer the opportunity to revolutionize the operations completely and make business more demanded and attractive. We’ve identified some benefits of digital transformation and optimization of business.

Increase business agility

Most companies have malleable processes and field staff should operate on the go. This is primarily associated with data work. Mobile business apps allow workers to make various manipulations with different data using a smartphone or tablet. Increase of business agility can contribute to its better productivity.

Streamline data entry and improve its accuracy

Mobile business apps and mobile forms reduce errors and omissions during data collection. Instead of unreliable paper forms and hand-writing, mobile forms contain pre-made fields, formulas, and layouts to ensure an efficient and accurate data capture process in a few clicks. Mobile apps contribute to more accurate and timely data.

Centralize and optimize data storage

Ensuring data security, safe storage, and availability is vital for every organization in the current regulatory environment. Outdated or insecure systems can lead to data loss and damage. Mobile business apps allow users to safely store various data right on mobile devices and have constant access. Any report or document can be presented when necessary. No need to contain and maintain file cabinets.

Automate notifications

Leverage push notifications in the workflow to improve operational efficiency and customer service. Mobile business apps allow managers to notify field staff about any changes, emergencies, etc. It’s the most convenient and streamlined way. Avoid extra work, delays, mistakes and more with instant push notifications.

This is just a part of the benefits of mobile business apps. Any business can get even more advantages. Snappii is a top provider of custom mobile solutions for various industries. We offer a set of powerful and multifunctional ready-made apps. Most of them are customizable to any specific needs. Get the full range of benefits right today. Visit the app gallery. Also Snappii is able to create a custom app from scratch according to your personal requirements. Just send them to us and get a free quote.

Resist Coronavirus Pandemic with Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention App

Disinfection Checklist

Disinfection as a part of basic infection-control practices

COVID-19 is the respiratory disease that is spreading from one person to another, and since there is no vaccine yet, the illness is considered to be the latest pandemic today. Coronavirus mainly spreads from person to person through droplet transmission in close contact. However, the virus can survive on surfaces and can also be transmitted as a contact infection by handling materials or surfaces contaminated with the sputum of an infected person. Maintaining good hand hygiene, avoiding face to face contacts and group meetings are the main ways to reduce the risk of infection, but also you shouldn’t forget about the cleaning of premises. People need to make sure that the houses, offices, equipment and facility in general are properly disinfected. Snappii has specifically developed Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app to help control it.

Meet Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app

Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app is based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Prevention guidelines. The app contains a comprehensive checklist with 38 checks to ensure that all the surfaces have been disinfected. Also the app collects photos, signatures and dates, and submits the inspection report into a convenient PDF file that can be shared with your clients via email or other means available on your device. Store and edit saved inspections anytime.

Watch a short video about Disinfection Checklist for COVID-19 Prevention app. Download and try the app right now (for iOS and Android devices).You can contact us for more information and in case of any questions.

More actions to protect yourself

For more safety, please make sure you follow the everyday preventive actions from Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

– Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

– Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

– Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available.

Also always remember the symptoms: fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, which can appear anywhere between two days and two weeks after exposure. Stay informed. There’s a lot of information flying around, and knowing what is going on will go a long way toward protecting you. Don’t let the infectious disease outbreak affect your mental health. Keep calm.

What else Snappii can do for you

Snappii is here to provide all possible assistance during this difficult time. We can convert any forms to their digital analogue for you. Various inspection, disinfection, reporting forms and more. Submit the forms and reports remotely. Just send your forms to us to get a free quote.

Let’s hope and believe in the best and take care of yourself and your closer.

4 Tips to Keep the Business Afloat During the COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Tips to Keep the Business Afloat During the COVID-19 PandemicThe COVID-19 crisis has forced most businesses to reach a new critical phase. Certainly, the main aim is the containing and mitigating the disease itself, but the economic impacts are also significant. Many companies already react to the rapidly unfolding events and try to adapt to them. Here are some tips for keeping the practice in business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clear plan and rapid decision-making

It is imperative to establish a clear plan of actions, chain of command and rapid response in the current unstable and dynamic environment. Constant evaluation of the situation and assigning a response team or a person to navigate in arising issues faster and more efficiently, and giving them enough leeway to make rapid tactical decisions are a must to consider. Timely and accurate data and decision making will help avoid delays, errors and extra work.

Safety precautions and health maintenance

All managers primarily are concerned about employees’ health and workplace safety. Now this issue is most acute and significantly affects the entire workflow and the business. If possible, transfer employees to remote work. (Read the post with essential tips for remote work). As the COVID-19 crisis evolves, many special practices and protocols of the virus prevention and workplace safety appear. Use them for stable and safe operations. Pay particular attention to verifying compliance with these measures and the reporting.

Financial contingency plan

Revise the financial plan. Consider delaying some payments, temporary suspension of bonuses or other encouraging payments. Consult with creditors and monitor any special solutions of financial support and economic relief packages for businesses and workers affected by the outbreak. For example, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has begun to administer the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)-COVID-19 related assistance program. Also such organization as the United Way has created COVID-19 relief fund which may provide additional funding.

Digital tools’ support

Digital tools such as mobile apps can support a lot of operations and sync the whole team outside the confines of a physical office. Task assigning, management and tracking; generation of work orders, estimates and invoices; data collection, processing, analyzing and reporting; etc. Business apps can help continue some projects, work with various types of data, and also keep the team up to date.

Business apps for continuous and efficient operations

Snappii is the leading provider of multifunctional business apps for such industries as construction, warehousing, field service, transportation and more. Thanks to Snappii apps specialists can fill in pre-made mobile forms with various data, generate and submit reports, communicate, track operations, etc. Empower your workers with a small, smart tool to avoid face to face interactions and group meetings. Snappii team is able to create your own app according to specific needs. For example, we can easily convert your existing forms to the app.

When the urgent part of the crisis has been navigated, companies should consider what they’ve changed and learned. Mobile business apps can continue to provide tangible benefits. This way, now is the best time to move to mobile business solutions. And Snappii is the best assistant in this field. Contact us with any questions.

Top 3 Warehouse Management Problems and the Ways to Overcome Them

Warehouse Management ProblemsManaging a warehouse includes planning the storage, supply, and control of the inventory. Inventory and warehouse management is increasing in value and relevance. The number of warehouses in the U.S. has risen 6.8% over the last five years (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Accuracy, efficiency, cleanliness and safety are the major principles of a proper warehouse management. However the industry is quite dynamic and, managers face some problems. There are the most frequent challenges of warehouse management and inventories and some actions that help overcome them.

Poor facility layout and configuration

Insufficiency of storage space, its inefficient usage and poor logistics are a quite common problem. Poorly configured warehouses may lead to loss of time, extra costs and loss of quality of the merchandise. To make the best use of the available space, managers should regularly check and improve the storage systems; factor both the floor space and the vertical space available for use; take into account the demand for the merchandise and the frequency of its movement; use forklifts to maximize the vertical space; have an accurate plan of the warehouse with immediate making changes.

Poor data management

Warehouse managers regularly deal with a huge amount of various data: goods and raw, who transported them, which lot they belong to, date and time of delivery and shipment, and more. The collection and management of all this data require time and accuracy. Gaps and omissions in this process may lead to a loss of control over the goods, confusions and loss of money. However, thanks to modern software, data management can be significantly optimized. Mobile apps allow instant collecting of necessary accurate data and keeping it at hand. Warehouse management apps are also an essential tool for what will be noted in the next paragraph.

Inaccurate Inventory

What is the core in warehouse inventory? These are accuracy and efficiency, which go hand in hand. Inaccurate inventory causes problems such as maintaining improper stock levels, lost sales, extra expenses, lost revenue and low productivity. Automation is a key solution for such accuracy-related problems. Warehouse inventory apps help provide accurate, timely and transparent data. They save time and eliminate difficulties and errors associated with manual completion of inventory forms. Inventory apps provide constant access to all data with no need to visit the office.

Keeping into account the current dynamic in warehousing industry and the best practices of modern mobile solutions, Snappii offers multifunctional warehouse management apps, as well as inventory apps.

Warehouse Inventory and Shipment app is designed to make warehouse inventories in minutes with mobile device. Being equipped with bar code scanner and photo capturing it will help you collect required details in seconds and add them to your database for future reference. Generate custom looking PDF and Excel reports to conveniently store and share them.

Warehouse Lease & Capacity app allows users to inspect inventories, manage shipments and perform necessary calculations. Visualize your warehouse inspections on a map, save inspection forms and share them. Sync collected data across multiple devices.

A universal Inventory Anything app helps manage inventory quickly and easily. Capture photos, text, cost, scan bar codes, calculate sales, cost and profit. Generate and share custom PDF reports with all items listed.

Find more apps here. Most of Snappii apps are customizable. You can send us your requirements to discuss.


Essential Tips for Remote Work

Essential Tips for Remote WorkThe COVID-19 pandemic crisis has not only had a huge impact on people’s health, but it has threatened many businesses. Social distancing and self-isolation help mitigate the spread of coronavirus, but how can you support your business staying home?

The necessary measure

Many businesses have had to embrace the idea of working from home and, in the current situation workers may plunge into it for a quite long period. Remote work is full of pitfalls for both managers and employees. However, this is the best solution for businesses now, and the fields without the opportunity of remote work will suffer significantly more. Here are some tips for working from home.


Found that remote working is associated with higher workplace wellbeing with the benefit of flexibility and autonomy. Take advantage of a favorable home environment, however, don’t forget about the organization and keeping of the working spirit. Establish work-life boundaries. Make a clear to-do and deadline lists. Also you can make schedules and plans to avoid waste of time and distractions.

Work-life boundaries

Discuss your work from home with your family members or roommates and set the rules during your working hours. It will be a little harder to negotiate with children. Hold a family meeting to explain how your job works, focusing on your responsibility. Set up a system of signs and requests. Also, reward good behavior.

Working space

Organize your own workspace. Ideally, having a separate room can significantly help. Also don’t clutter the space. Excess things can distract. Your efficiency and productivity are associated with the tidiness of your working space. Try to be as organized and concentrated as in the office.

Communication and interaction

Remote workers should regularly contact their colleagues via chat, email, phone or voicemail. Video- conferencing can be extremely useful. Also mobile apps are the best way of communication, synchronization and data exchange. Let’s consider in details what advantages mobile business apps can offer for remote work.

– Constant convenient communication

– Processing any data and instant sharing

– Creating complete reports and their providing

– Making instant calculations and estimates

– Creating timesheets and syncing with the whole team

– Work order assigning and workflow tracking

– Convenient and safe storage of documentation in the digital format

The best assistant in remote work

Snappii is a leading mobile business apps company. About 500,000 people use Snappii business apps in 30 industries around the world. We offer ready-made apps for a plenty of operations, which can become very useful for remote work. For example:

Work Order Assigner app

Job Estimator app

Inspect Anything app

Invoice Assistant app

Inventory Anything app

Timesheet Manager app

Task Manager Tracker app

Find more apps in the gallery. Most Snappii apps can be customized to meet any personal needs.

Moreover, Snappii offers smart mobile forms for usual business operations. Download Snappii Mobile Forms app with 100+ ready-to-use form templates. The app enables anyone to fill out mobile forms and create reports in a snap. Type or speak data into fields and the app will complete the report. Also you can use your own forms. Just send them to us and Snappii team will quickly convert them to the app.

Staying home is one of the major parts of safety nowadays. And Snappii will do its best to facilitate your remote work.

How to Reduce Face to Face Integration and Meetings in Construction

The Operations You Can Do Remotely with Mobile Forms and AppsIt is a matter of time before the effects of COVID-19/coronavirus spread to the construction industry’s current and future projects. However there is a solution to avoid this. Work remotely, using your mobile device! Snappii allows its users to limit office visits, face to face integrations and group meetings, while continue usual operations and prevent project stagnation.

Daily reporting

A lot of various details of how the job and project are progressing are consisted on the daily reporting. Daily reports are an integral part of construction business and we should primarily figure out how to make this process remote.

Snappii offers Construction Daily Log app to create professional daily reports anytime and anywhere. The app allows foremen, superintendents, project managers and others to fill in a one-page collapsed form or use mic and speak into it, attach pictures and photos, add signatures and locations, etc. Construction Daily Log app includes contractor details, site information, work performed, subcontractor progress, issues and punch lists, reasons for delays, additional work or change requests, materials purchased and received, labor and travel hours and more. The app captures weather conditions, locations, date and time, amount of labor performed and other field related information. It is the best solution to avoid constant visits to the office.

Timesheets and tracking

Snappii’s timesheet apps allow the whole team always to stay on task. Managers are able to create timesheets with minimum intersection of workers, make instant replacement and changes. They can track the workflow and the workforce remotely and instantly notify the workers.

Timesheet Manager app is specifically designed to easily track working hours of employees. The app allows users to create projects and assign employees to each project. Punch In/Out Timesheet app provides even more features. Users punch in and out on their mobile devices, optionally add breaks and details, generate professional looking PDF and Excel time cards and send them to the management or accounting.  Managers can analyze time spent on projects with the dashboard. Both timesheet apps are customizable to meet any personal needs.


Mobile estimation apps are the best way to create quick estimates and win more projects and get more profit. Job Estimator app from Snappii allows users to provide detailed information about projects and work completed by construction companies, contractors and service organizations. It keeps track of basic data, specific details of the job and its progress statuses by creating estimates to completion reports. Job Estimator app contributes to more proposals from the clients, improves customer satisfaction, helps avoid penalties, saves time and money.


With inspection apps, specialists can continue to conduct inspections, but without having to visit the office with reports. Use Inspect Anything app at your smartphone and create full-length inspection reports with photos, drawings, signatures, QR codes, barcodes, and locations. Created reports are stored locally on your device and always available for sharing or printing.

Work orders and change orders

Change orders are time-consuming to operate with. However now anyone can optimize change orders with special app. Snappii offers Construction Change Order app. Easily and quickly create mobile change orders right on your smartphone and send them. Read more about this app here.

Digital format allows users to create, process, assign, track and report work orders right at any location and share them. The right information at the right time just in a few clicks. Work Order Assigner app is specifically designed by Snappii to easily create tasks and assign them to particular employees, provide details and time frames. After any task is assigned the assignee can login into the app using his/her credentials and see it, once it is completed assignee can add notes about it, which will become immediately available to the manager. With Work Order Assigner app, employees can operate remotely or from different locations.


Save yourself the need to constantly go to the warehouses to check on the goods. Track them with Inventory Anything app from Snappii. Also you can track a heavy equipment fleet with Heavy Equipment Inventory app. Remember that we can customize most of our Snappii apps.

Convert paper forms to mobile analogue

With Snappii you can convert any forms you use to mobile forms. Daily reports, various inspections, job estimates, invoices, work orders, inventories, timesheets and more. Fill out mobile forms using Snappii Mobile Forms app. Upload your forms right now and we will convert them for you.

Snappii will help minimize the negative impact of the Coronavirus to any business. Take care of yourself and entrust us with part of your worries.

4 Tips to Catch and Solve Business Problems Faster

4 Tips to Catch and Solve Business Problems FasterProblem-solving is in demand. It’s considered the top skill for successful management. Having the right skills and tools at the fingertips prepare managers to act quickly and strategically to avoid significant business risks. “A report from the World Economic Forum predicts that more than one-third of all jobs across all industries will require complex problem-solving as one of their core skills by 2020.” Here are 4 problem-solving tools and techniques that could increase ability to stay afloat and avoid substantial consequences.

Listen and find out all the details

Upon detection of a problem, the key is to make sure you’re getting a complete picture of what’s going on, so you don’t waste time, resources and money on a temporary fix, which won’t have any real effect on the deeper issue. You should close the blind spots. Take the time to speak to all people involved in the workflow. Usually they better know the pain points and where the process fails.

Don’t stop moving

Revise the objectives and outcomes. You should step away from what you have always done. Find common needs within the organization and then work through a systematic step by step process. While solving a problem, always keep this plan and the ultimate business goals in mind. This will help to avoid unjustified efforts and gaps in other parts of the workflow.

Use the team’s input to get the options

Let your team speak up, express opinions and ideas. Their feedback is going to help you move faster and more effectively. If you have a team in place, bring them into the discussion. They are the experts in their area and are able to navigate and dig deeper into causes of problems and potential solutions. And then you can list the possible options and better evaluate them.

What are you striving for?

Form the metrics to identify the problem is solved. Make sure you know what success looks like and not get carried away. It’s quite important to stop in time and don’t start harming the process. Take a measurement, and set the goals and a timeframe.

A powerful helper to prevent and solve problems

Keep up with innovation to avoid problems and improve business operations. Modern mobile apps can be a powerful pocket assistant to optimize a workflow. Using business apps can prevent some problems but even if they occurred, an app will provide significant advantages to solve them quickly, easily and without any damage to the workflow.

Business apps are primarily the best way to collect and store data. It’s accurate, timely and always at hands. In case of problems, this can be a substantial help. Moreover, constantly available, organized data is able to legally protect the business.

Snappii is the leader in mobile business apps. For about 10 years we offer powerful solutions for various industries. There is a collection of pre-made apps, which can be customized to meet any specific needs. The lightning fast customization will allow you to get a ready-made product in weeks, not months. Read what the customers say about Snappii. Want to improve your workflow? Contact Snappii already today.

Ensure an Efficient Invoicing System with Mobile Apps

Effective invoicing allows businesses to maximize the cash inflows. Today streamlining invoices has a central role in determining the success of a company. Mobile technology is a major way to improve invoicing system.

The challenges of paper-based invoices

Paper-based invoices are no longer effective. They are time-intensive and often error prone. Cycle time for paper invoicing is usually very high. Many businesses have to generate invoices in the field. It’s extremely inconvenient to fill out paper documents while you are at the jobsite. Invoices need to be validated and confirmed. With paper invoices you can’t avoid trips to the office. Paper invoicing is wasteful. You can easily calculate how much you spend on paper, its printing, storage, and the time and labor resources to fill it out. The resultant sum of money will not be superfluous for your company.

Mobile technology offers special invoicing apps and mobile invoice forms that will ensure producing professional invoices with all the information required. There are a lot of advantages users will get.

Instant invoicing = faster payments

Probably the greatest advantage of mobile invoicing apps is their digitization. With pre-made mobile invoice forms, users can generate invoices in a few clicks and instantly provide them to the customers. Mobile invoicing is a significant saving of time and effort. No more constant trips to the office. Specialists can spend more time on real work and making money.

Keep invoices at your hand

Mobile invoice forms can save 60 minutes a day on their filling out. Mobile forms are also safe and easy to store. They are always at your hand. Companies can avoid file cabinets and reduce specialists to work with paper documents.

Accurate and timely data

Invoicing apps contribute to more accurate and timely data. They eliminate bad handwriting and untimely delivery of data. In general, it increases the efficiency of the entire workflow.

Invoice Assistant App: a new way of invoicing

Snappii has been working in the business app market for about 10 years. We try to help optimize various operations. Invoicing is among them. Snappii offers Invoice Assistant app to create professional-looking invoices in the office or in the field. This simple but intuitive mobile invoicing app will be always at your fingertips. With the app you are able to:

–  create, edit, email and print invoices,

– add your company’s logo,

– add products and services,

– calculate total prices and costs automatically

– instantly add taxes and shipping costs to your invoices

– digitally sign invoices

– retrieve PDF and Excel invoice reports, print and share them,

– keep a database of completed invoices,

– work in online/offline mode,

– sync as many devices as you want.

Invoice Assistant app is 100% customizable. Snappii team can easily modify it for you and add your own existing forms. We try to meet all needs of our customers to make their operations faster, more efficient and productive. Send us your requirements and ideas and we will discuss them.

Invoicing system has never been so convenient and optimized. It’s the best time to join mobile solutions and try Invoice Assistant app. Watch a short video to learn more how the app works.



The Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Enterprise Mobile Apps

The Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Enterprise Mobile AppsIn the past years, businesses and individual specialists have been successfully adopting mobile technologies. Mobile apps are now a part of everyday personal as well as business life. Every enterprise is trying to mobilize their existing systems, employees and activities to amplify their efficiency, cut expenses, generate more revenue and grow the business. To give mobile enterprise apps the best chance of success, there are major pitfalls to avoid.

Understanding the app users

One of the fundamental error businesses make is the implementation of the app without talking to the people who will use it.  Today there are enterprise apps with significant narrow focus. It is essential to observe all the details for maximum benefit. Before starting to create an app, businesses should ask the employees “What’s the right app for this field of activity? What tasks it should solve and what improvements and simplifications it should bring “, reproduce the work plan taking into account the use of the app Companies must avoid the assumption that they know what is needed and enter into the dialogue with their employees, they know their own needs best.

The app UX

The underlying concept of a mobile app is different from a desktop app. User interface and navigation of any enterprise app should be worked out in this regard. Frequently such apps are used in the field. The interface must be simpler and more user-friendly. It is necessary to pay attention to such features as voice-to-text and autofilling. A lot of technical aspects of the applications should be taken into account. Maximiliano Firtman, director of training firm ITMaster and author of books about app development, notes an example. When you press the home button on the phone, your previous app stops. If an app needs to do something continuously, like monitor a GPS position, it has to create a background process. But background processes can burn through power. And you want your users to have a phone with battery life that lasts the whole day. This way businesses should beware of background processes.


When it comes to security, unfortunately all enterprise apps are at risk. Nonetheless there some areas to focus on to avoid the most common security failures. Mobile security starts with the device itself.  iOS and Android operating systems require a separate approach for hardening the device. Learn the security features of your device based on this. However simply controlling the mobile device itself doesn’t protect the data that the device accesses, transmits and stores. Also you should pay attention to the security of wireless communications, the data center and cloud services. A comprehensive approach to mobile enterprise app security is required.

Avoid all pitfalls with Snappii

Snappii is a leading mobile business app development company. About 500,000 people use Snappii business apps in 30+ industries around the world. We’ve helped thousands of enterprises to optimize, accelerate and simplify usual work processes. Thanks to considerable experience, we will help you to avoid pitfalls and save your money on creating the app. Our Snappii support team is always available to consult and guide your ideas to maximum profitability. Get your enterprise app in weeks, not months and start getting significant benefits.

Digital Transformation: a New Way of Legal Department Operation

Digital Transformation: a New Way of Legal Department OperationDigitalization changes the dynamic

Nowadays industries are under a digital transformation that reshapes usual business processes. This provides tremendous opportunity for innovation, competitive advantage and business growth. Gartner notes that 87% of senior business leaders identify digitalization as a key priority. However, some businesses still concern about risks associated with digital initiatives. Mostly it concerns legal departments. They accustomed old manner business operations with paperwork to have a paper confirmation of any process. This can represent a critical gap in the whole workflow.

Digital readiness pushes forward legal departments

According to Gartner, legal departments that successfully achieve digital readiness can increase on-time project delivery by 63%. “When legal departments successfully achieve digital readiness, it can better support business agility while maintaining rigorous governance.” Let’s consider in the details how it works.

A step to the digital future: the benefits for businesses

Saying “digital transformation”, we mean mobile solutions. And their main focus is data and communication. Mobile data is more safe and subjected to better control. It contributes to more organized and accurate data work. Modern companies should consider digitalization as a convenient way to legally save their employees and the business itself. One mobile business app can contain all work documentation in a convenient mobile format at the fingertips. Legal departments can replace huge amounts of paper files with just one app and avoid losses, mess, and other issues, which can lead to serious consequences. This way, digital solutions provide significant benefit when it comes to legal-specific data security. Thanks to mobile technology, legal departments are able to work timely with any decisions, regulations and changes in decrees, track regulatory requirements compliance and get any reports for further provision to higher authorities. The reporting requirements continue to advance, so mobile apps are the best solution for acceleration and optimization of this process.

A step to the digital future: a strong assistant

To realize the full potential of digitalization, companies and especially legal departments should start by keeping current on technology and embracing new ways of working. Snappii deals with mobile business solutions about 10 years. We help businesses of various industries streamline and automate tasks and processes, and in turn reduce costs and increase productivity. Our focus is a close interaction and consideration of specific requirements of a separate company. “Thanks to Snappii we moved away from paper forms and are quite pleased with the result. Now it literally takes a few minutes to fill out the report, sign and send it,” says Steven Koski from Harold Brothers Mechanical.

Thanks to Snappii codeless conversion platform, anyone can generate mobile form app without special skills or big bucks. Our brand new AI powered solution allows users to upload a PDF file or image with form and get a converted mobile form. Also our team can convert and customize any form for you.

Strengthen your legal department practices with powerful mobile solutions, develop stronger business strategies, minimize legally regulation risks and better deliver services. Contact us for free consultation at


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